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Need Help,no gains,low lot,combined routines

Need Help,no gains,low lot,combined routines

Hi guys,

here is my story.

Now im 10 weeks in pe.
My routine looks like that:

10 minutes strech in all direction:30 sec. straight out,30 sec. up to the belly, 30 sec. straight down, 30 sec. left, 30 sec. right.
I repeat it 4 times so that the total streching time is 10 min. I do all streches in a sitting position.

After this i strech for 20 min. I hold this streches for 5-15 sec. I always strech upwards in this 20 min.

The next step in my routine is a 20 min wet jelq session(with baby lotion).
I alway jelq with one hand. With the other hand i squeeze the bottom of the shaft so more blood is in penis.

Since 2 weeks my next step is pumping.After the 20 min of jelqing i go in the pump and stayed there for 5 min.
After this i jelq 5 min.
After this i pump 5 min.
Finally i jelq 5 min.

The total time of my routine is 70 min.
I do no warm ups because i have no privacy for that.In my beginnings i used warm wraps in the beginning, but i takes so much time and my penis doesn’t feel realy warm.

My stats are:

5,4 NBP
5,1 EG
My flaccid stretch was 4,9 inch.Now its 5,7-5,9 inch when standing.
When sitting the flaccid stretch is 6,1 inch.
My BPEL is 6-6,3 inch.

I have no gains to talk about, the flaccid stretch doenst count because i can not profit from it.

My Lot is 6 o clock,very low.
This is an absolute catastrophe, and I’m asking me, why it happened to me.

When i start PE i said my goal is to gain 1 inch NBP in lenght and my dream is to gain 1,7 NBP in lenght.
Now i corrected myself:Now my goal and my dream is to gain 1 inch NBP.
When i achieve it i quit, because i would be very happy with the size 6,4 NBP lenght. I dont need anymore because i dont want to be a pornstar or a banging stallion.

But i need this one inch, because it would catapult me in the average/over average league.

I also get a bib starter.I think its a good product.
I have the privacy to hang 5 days per week for 2 hours.This would mean a netto hanging time for 80 min a day.
I’m new to hanging.I hang 2-3,5 kilo over the shoulder.

This is my story.

Has anybody out there an idea, which could help me?
Perhaps better routines or other exercises?
Particularly i want to know if it makes sense to combine jelqing,pumping and hanging together.
Perhaps it is not a good idea to make all three things together ?

I would be happy if PE-fellows (with such a low LOT like me) -who make gains nevertheless the low LOT- would write here and share there tale of woe.

Come on someone, lend this bro a hand………………………

For the next week, increase your pump time to 10 minutes. The week after that increase it to 15 minutes. Then start doing 2 sets of 15 minutes and then bump it up to 3 sets of 15 minutes. Jelq before and after each pump session. Sacrifice the manual stretch time as necessary to fit the extra pumping into your schedule.

Once you start doing multiple pump sessions, your routine should be jelq, pump, jelq, pump, jelq, pump, jelq. This is a one hour routine. The jelq is for 5 and the pump is for 15.

Oh yeah, you didn’t mention your pump pressure. If you have a gauge, keep it around 5, but no higher then 6 in hg. And pump up slowly to those pressures.

The thing is this, the manual stretches are good, but there is no way to gauge the amount of force you are exerting on your unit. So….you bought a BIB, that is excellent, you can now gauge and “quantify” the stress. Without quantification, it is hard to determine what will work for you and at what level.

Second of all, I also have the same LOT as you. It is pretty useless to stretch below Straight Up or OTS (Over The SHoulder) because of your extreme LOT. IOW focus only on the upper angles.

Jelqing seems to help you both gain length AND Girth. For some it works, but to me it makes sense to focus on one at a time. I would drop the girth work until you hit your length goal.

I can’t speak on pumping as I have never tried it, but it would seem to hit girth more IMO, so the above would apply for pumping as well.

I would also continue to hot wrap whether you believe the merits or not. It is a matter of physics and science and a warmer object is easier to stretch and expand than a cold one.

So to answer your question, IMO I would not combine all three together. It seems like overkill and you also run the risk of overtraining/excessive fatigue, etc.

Finally, I would change your attitude. I also have a low LOT but I refuse to share in your tales/thoughts of woe. Misery loves comapny and I can not engage in that. I know PE can be frustrating at times, but your attitude seems very negative from the above post. Its hard to get positive things when you have a negative outlook. Besides, plenty of low LOTers have gained. Do a search on the forums.


"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

Thank you for the answers,

sorry when my post sounds sad or negative.Perhaps i used the wrong vocabulary,the english word has an other meaning than in my language.

But i think my question/complain is right.A low Loter perhaps has not the ability to gain, who knows really.
So i want to know if someone out there has defeat his low LOT and has made some gains.
I dont want to fight a fight that i cant win.That has nothing to do with being a loser.A loser is not a person who loses.No, a loser is someone who dont give it a try.A person who fights a fight he cant win is a fool, so you cant confused/compared it with a loser.

And please dont understand me wrong, may be it is because of my language problem,I’m not a caviler or a “generally non believer” who wants to bring the mood here down.
I realy believe that many peoples around here have made gains and im not envious.

But i think making gains has something to do with a high LOT.All gainers here( gainers of an inch or higher) had a high LOT.
You can ask BIB,Y-Guy,Portugesus,DLD and all the others.
So PE works definitely, but the question is why it works.My theory(im not long in this business,perhaps im totally wrong)is the high LOT.

So high LOT means a lot of gains, a low LOT means zero gains.
You have also to discern what is low. When you have a LOT, may be 8 clock, the theory said its low, but its possible to raise the LOT again, many people have made this.
But what is with a LOT of 6. A LOT of 8 perhaps is not low, its still high to make gains, but what is with 6?

There is always a counterpart in nature.For example there is one person who can eats as much as he can eat, but he wont get fat. A other person is fat, but he is on a diet. He fights to loose his weight but he doesn’t have success.
So we have a counterpart.
Another example is a laser operation in the eyes to repair the glaucoma.For some it works for some not.
The main reason why it doesn’t work for someone is a high blood pressure or a high “in eye-pressure(don’t know the right word).

So the intention of my thread was this: Is the high pressure/ high in eye pressure the same like a low LOT(6-7)?
Is the low Lot the reason, why many peoples don’t gain? Has gaining nothing to do with living healthy and being consistent in your routine?
High LOT means incredible gains like Bib,Y-guy,DLD etc.
Normal LOT means good gains like RB,DIno,Jelktoid,Avocet8,peforeal,portugesus
A little bit low LOT means normal gains(for example 1-1,7 inch)
Lowest LOT means no gains.

This is what i wanted to know. Is there a person who builds up his LOT or gains with such an low LOT.

By the way my routine today:80 min netto hanging time over the shoulder with 2-3 kilos
Im still not sure if i should combined the three methods of jelqing,pumping and hanging.

I’m going to start a new thread on this dude, cause it really has stuck a chord with me!

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