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Need Help- Lost .4 inches

Need Help- Lost .4 inches

Allright, so I have slowly but surely gaining over the past year and a half now, and I have worked my way up from 6.75 to 7.4. I had measured 7.25-.3 in august and then 7.4 and couple weeks ago, gains via manual stretching. Last week I jelqed for 4 days, only four! Days hoping it would just strengthen my erection so I could then re-measure and maybe have been more than 7.4-hence a stronger erections.

I was playing with the dong last night, and I didn’t even want to measure bc it looked smaller, and it’s only 7.0 all the sudden. I mean I haven’t lossed any size that I’ve gained from PE ever, even when I’ve taken 6 week breaks.

Any suggestions as to what the hell is wrong with my dong? Hopefully this isn’t permenant.


Maybe you have stressed it to much, It will probably come back after a few days.

Or maybe you just had a weaker erection when you measured now?

I agree maybe just a weaker erection, less blood in the wang.

Let it rest bro you must measure on days off this maybe tiredness from the exercises.

Current: 18.8cm(7.40'')BPELx12.5(4.92'')EG Measuring laying down pressing the ruler with one hand.

19.8cm(7.79'')BPELx12.5(4.92'')EG Straightening my unit with the other hand.

I never measure on PE days, maybe 3-4 hours later, but the next morning is perfect.

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>Any suggestions as to what the hell is wrong with my dong? Hopefully this isn’t permanent.<

Nothing yet, but I would bet that if you were to worry about it too much or lose sight of your goal the magic of PE will diminish.

I had to take massive amounts of prescription decongestant(Nalex) a few days ago, there is no way in hell I would have recorded a measurement then. Point is, you will have ups and downs, cherish the ups and piss on the downs.

Thank you for your inputs*


Maybe you’re slightly dehydrated. If you drink a lot more fluids, you will pee most of it out, but over a period of several days, more and more will fill you out. I have gained over a half inch just by drinking more water.

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