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need help adding pump to the mix.

need help adding pump to the mix.

I would like to begin using a pump in conjunction with my current routine which consist of jelqs, kegels, hanging, and clamping. Can anyone give me any recommendations as to my new routine? Should the pump come before or after the jelqs? Is using a pump even worth the time? Please help and as always, Thanks.

Trying to do every type of PE in your routine is just asking for trouble.

You sound like you’re doing a lot of things already. If you really want to start pumping though, treat it just like anything else, start slowly. Try reading the Pumping 101 thread in the pumper’s forum, there’s a lot of useful information in there. To get started however, get a good pump (if you don’t have one already that is), and start by doing pumping sets of 5-10 minutes at 4-5 in Hg. Start off easy and work from there.

As far as the order of doing things, it’s probably a matter of preference. Some like to clamp after pumping, but I would guess that it won’t really matter. With the jelqs though, you probably would want to do some before pumping, and also in between sets. Be aware though that you might experience lymph fluid buildup in the penis after pumping which could affect other exercises.

Ps: I second gprent’s warning…it’s really a good idea to pick and choose instead of trying to stuff everything into your routine.

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