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Need fast gain excersize really important

Need fast gain excersize really important

Well a girl I have liked for a really long time is splitting up with her boyfriend. It seems, We do like eachother we have talked about it. But we let it rests because she wasn’t single but we still bring it up from time to time. Looks like I’ll be the Boyfriend soon.

That is why I need fasts gains.
I have allways been paranoid about my size and very rarely use my fella downstairs because of that reason.

It’s 13cm hard 5inch I think.
But it looks smaller, I think this is due to girth

Thunders and guys I really hope you can help me.

Just looking for something to gain within a month.

I now do
30 Down left right up stretch x2
5 minute Jelq.
Warm down

It’s not a great workout but it’s better than nothing.

Any suggestions will help guys.
Thanks Carlos

I would say like everybody else do the newbie routine for 3-4 months, etc..

But personally I think over training with manual stretching is very very hard to do,so to that and don’t know if anyone agrees with me. I would recommend to do more stretching. Possibly thruought the whole day, alil here and there you know. NOT ALOT tho, just like one set in the morning then do what you do and one before bed.

I think your jelqs should be at 50-70% and each stroke last 3-5 seconds.Think 5-8 seconds better so you actually take your time and don’t rush it. And start from as close to your body as you can. A total of 50 would be good for a beginner, increase by 5 every week. Do them every other day.

Or you can keep doing what your doing till you stop gaining.

It takes time, and remember she isnt gonna be with you for your dick.

Height = 5' 2", Weight = 170, Age = 24, Uncut, Starting Size = Current Size ~ BPEL = 6 14/16 ~ 7 Inches, MG = ?, BG = ?

Current Goal ~ BPEL = 8 Inches

Penis Length proportion to Height ~ Around 11.2%

Gains happen at the rate they happen. There are no miracle routines. The usual approach of doing more in the hope of seeing faster results usually does the opposite.

The only absolute key to gains is consistency.

Despite modern culture placing importance on dick size, most girls are actually not that shallow; they believe you have what you have unless you have surgery. They have the same concerns about breast size as we have about dick size, but can you imagine this girl you are interested in thinking “I’ve got to do something fast about my breast size to impress him”?

The first time the two of you get naked together, she isn’t going to be thinking about the size of your dick, she’s going to be worrying about what you think of her body, so make all the right noises in a very genuine way, and you are golden. :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Great answer, Firegoat!

Thanks firegoat. I have allways sorta had this mental anguish with my penis but I allready told her it’s average and she’s like if I was with you I wouldn’t care about that it’s what you do with it. Was a big relief but I still am a bit paranoid I think it’s because I like her so much. I’ll tell you guys how it went

It’s still going to feel good to her, just put some hip into it. If she really likes you, your penis won’t be that much of an issue anyway.

Just relax and project confidence. That is the most important thing.

Quite frankly, 80% of being good in bed has nothing to do with your penis. You just need to be —very enthusiastic and passionate about her and SHOW IT — and you need to be —very good— at oral and manual stimulation of her clitoris.

Let her lie back and you do all the work —

You know how much you love that when a woman does it to you; she loves it too!


“50% of sex appeal is what you have, 50% is what they think you have.”

If you really like her.. And she likes you.. I think you are going to have great sex anyway. For me sex is more about the person then the size of their dick.

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