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need encouragement

need encouragement

I’m pe-ing for more than two years now and really made some gains. But I want more! So many of you are reaching 8in. EL and 6in. EG; that’s what I’m looking for but I’m still far away.

I know it takes its time but sometimes I feel a little bit tired and I’m also impatient. Is it really worth while?

These are my measurements:

EL EG FL FG EW EV (as per PE Statistics)

5.500 5.000 4.000 4.500 1.592 10.942 2000-07-01
5.900 5.100 5.100 4.700 1.623 12.212 2000-09-09
6.100 5.300 5.500 4.700 1.687 13.636 2000-10-14
6.300 5.500 5.500 4.700 1.751 15.165 2001-01-18
6.700 5.500 5.500 4.700 1.751 16.128 2001-05-06
6.890 5.310 5.790 4.920 1.690 15.460 2002-08-16

Perhaps I’m getting a winter depression???

greeting from Switzerland

Hi tall man from Switzerland, home of cheese, clocks and banks,

Tell me your routine now and what you have been doing PE wise for the last few months. Maybe we can change your routine to help you get your encouragement back.

If that doesnt work you could try electric shock therapy…


my routine

Hi SS4

I heard that your pubs are allowed to stay open longer now - what a wise decision so you will more sitting in the pubs than doing some pe at home…

My routine: Due to lack of time and privacy I’m only jelqing in the morning for 15 min. sometimes with lube sometimes without. I have a jes-extender - I’m using it as often as possible. And I’m stretching several times a day really hard.

I know that is probably not enough but I’m working really hard during the day, I have my family and I have also other interests than pe so my day doesn’t have enough hours.

That’s why I feel a little bit depressed. If there would be a pill or a magic flute…

Enjoy your evening.

Swiss Tallman, your gain already are very good. I am not sure if you need to work harder or pehaps smarter. I think when someone like yourself has limited privacy some adjustments need to happen. First I would find someplace with a lockable bathroom door (Public or Family, friends place) Find the best time to go to this private place that will have minimum bothering factors. I have at least 5 spots that I can train and I always have my supplies on hand (baby powder, Lube, Baby Wipes, etc.) If you can find a similar situation this would be optimum. The smarter part is to take advantage of one or more of the new inovative exercises created in this forum and the PEforum. A great selection of choices include The Jai Stretches, The BikersHang, The DLDBlaster, Fowfers and many others. I have had some people who have not gained in times as much as 2 years that have come back to tell me they are gaining at newbie levels.


DLD Blasters.

Good luck to you

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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Tall man from Switzerland,

lol nah, I will be sitting at home doing PE not in the pub! Much safer indoors!

wow thats not much time, maybe you could do your stetching on a morning instead of jelqing and then do ADS through the day, if you wear baggy trousers no one will notice. You could also do some PE in bed maybe? I do my horse squeezes and uli’s in bed at night, maybe you could do some in the morning too.

perhaps you could do PE at these times:
15mins in bed in the morning
Xmins in the shower
15mins at night
stretching through the day.

Or maybe it would be a good idea to take a break from PE and try again when you have got more time?

Good Luck

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