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Need Discoloration Help! My SO Commented On It..

Need Discoloration Help! My SO Commented On It..

The girl that I have been dating for around 8-9 months went to give me a BJ last night and she goes. “Omg, why is your shaft so much darker? It looks bruised is it okay?” I was like “Must be from the tanning bed.” LOL. I really need to get rid of this discoloration ASAP.

What do you guys recommend. My entire mid-shaft is MUCH darker than the rest. My base is light, and above my circumcision scar and my head is light.

hobby has tried wort remover and he initially said that it completely got rid of the discoloration but you had to go without sex and masturbation for X number of days.

Shedding the Snake try this thread.

I have been wanting to try it and even bought the stuff but I have been having sex lately so…

good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Try combining low pressure pumping with massage. Pump at 3-4” hg for 10 minutes and massage for 5. Nothing heavy. Strictly for supplying healthy oxygenated blood flow into the discolored areas.

If you find this working, you can do it 2 or 3 times throughout the day to flush out the discoloration with healthy blood. Stay in control of the pressure. This is not for size, but it can help flaccid.

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If you have a bruise, stopping whatever you’re doing will allow it to fade.

I think the more typical cause of long-standing, gradually worsening discoloration from PE is hemosiderin trapped in the skin. This generally won’t fully clear without some intervention. It may fade some over a long time if you stop worsening it. Think in terms of many months to several years. I think it was JAPP who said his was something like 50% faded after a couple years off.

Bib is the only person I’m aware of who got rid of some discoloration by wrapping. I and others have tried it with no such luck. I also tried pumping at a low vacuum. The junk in my skin wasn’t about to wash out.

Arnica, if applied regularly, may (or not) help prevent some discoloration, but it didn’t do a damn thing for me after I already had it.

There have been a few threads about using topically applied or transdermal ALA with mixed results.

My discoloration is now almost gone. Some areas are 100% back to pre-PE pristineness. Others still need a final peel. Peeling shaft skin is still experimental. An acid concentration that works for me may burn the hell out of the next guy or not be strong enough. Downtime is significant. Peeling takes about a week, then about another week is needed for the “new skin pinkness” to fade. That’s only for a single peel. I don’t know the optimum time needed between peels. Seems at the very least 2 weeks, with 3 or more being better. In my case most areas needed 2-3 good peels. Clearing part of the shaft makes it look worse than if it had been left more evenly discolored, so if a guy starts this he’ll want to finish the job.

The quickest “quick fix” might be laser treatment. Expensive and embarrassing, plus I don’t fancy the thought of my dick being shot with a laser.

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