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NEED bigger balls clarification and help!


Originally Posted by DaveyK
I was also curious about ‘ball’ size. Is increasing size something I should bother looking into, or is this just one of those things I’m gonna have to embrace & learn to live with. Mine seem a touch smaller than the norm.

Mine are big don’t know how they got that way but when I started PE I was also taking ginseng. I don’t know I could not find any Internet links to prove or verifying that gensing makes the testicles larger. They seem to get bigger at the same time my dick did. I wonder if this has happen to anyone else.

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Theleviathan you are right, in America we are so used to take pills for everything , even in Mexico is more easy to buy anything in drugstores without a prescription and it’s very dangerous , but I also think that nutritional supplements are needed in this era because food processing made a deficit in nutrients in our foods, so some of us need and extra vitamins or extra protein etc to really have a well functional body.

Well, maybe that’s why the mediterranean diet is so famous, after all.
For us it’s so common and simple, it’s actually difficult to understand why the need to take complements.
By definition, what you eat should already be differentiated and balanced enough to provide your body all the necessary elements.

This approach has a very strong advantage: it’s difficult to overdose. While with pills you may easily assume too many vitamins, for examples, it’s much harder to do the same assuming vitamins in foods.
Then, I don’t know, foods should be enjoable; eating something you like gives you pleasure, not only the equivalent of many pills. :)

Ive done Ball Jelqing and it has improved my Ball size,but bigger balls does not only mean positive things.I for example sometimes forget that I have a bigger sack & balls and accidently sits down on them….*Ouch*.

Damian works very well. About 0.7 Inches + in Circ.

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I Read somewhere on the net that if you take this plants will get bigger balls

Have anyone tried this hot combination?

PS: I want to try it but I cant get tribulus, tongkat and ashwagandha in Mexico!! I dont find them!

Yep! You are right about that one, I spent 10 days in the Hospitol last year due to excessive vitamin use and a resulting gall stone. Certianly passing a gall stone was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life, I thought I was going to die.

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