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Need advice on new oil


Need advice on new oil

Hey guys, a few days ago I went to the pharmacy to pick up some ingredients for eroset’s vein oil for my thrombosed veins etc and I found loads on offer so I bought a few different ones. I mixed them all into olive oil using roughly the same amount of each one and quite a fair amount of them all. I have noticed that if I apply the oil just before sleeping, I wake up with a very soft feeling (in a nice way) and a very big flacid hang, considering my flacid hang is normally like an acorn. There is a negative to it though, each time I pee, there is a rancid nasty smell - I wondered if this is the oil somehow getting in with my urine? I am quite concerned about that, don’t know whether to worry about it or not. Here is a list of all the pure essential oils…

Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Sweet Marjoram
Ylang ylang

Are any of these dangerous to be using on my penis? If anyone knows I will be grateful. I hope it is all safe because I seem to be getting a very good effect!

Jamesslash,I doubt that the oil is the cause of the odor.What types of supplements are you taking?I find that if I take too much Zinc,or Saw palmetto it makes my urine smell really strong.My guess is it is something you are ingesting,rather than the oil.Try drinking more water.Aside from being good for you,it will also help your over all urinary tract health,plus it helps with flaccid hang.

Until someone comes up with a plausible explanation, I suggest that you quit using that oil for a few days, to find out if it’s actually the oil that is causing the smell.

Be aware that if something in the oil is getting into your urine, it is probably not taking a shortcut through your penis and into the urethra, but more likely getting into the blood flow and being filtered by your kidneys.

Another possibility is that you have been eating something that gives that smell. Surely you are not eating asparagus, right? Then please check everything you’ve been eating and drinking recently, and you might find an easier explanation.

EDIT: Chainz’s explanation wasn’t visible when I replied. I find his answer most plausible; most supplements end in the urine, and many give it a different color or smell. I’ve been told that palmetto causes just as bad a smell as asparagus do.

My supplements and diet is consistant, there have been no changes at all so I don’t see how it could be that. I just had sex with my girlfriend for the first time since using the oil and trying to heal and she said she could feel me slightly more than usual (she could be lying to make me feel better), but also - the condom didn’t start creasing up and slipping off like it usually does! I don’t know the reason for this, I am not claiming that the oil is a miracle and has made my dick grow but something has within the last 5 days. :eek:

Some of them ingredients are completely foreign to me, so I would still like someone to let me know if any of them are too dangerous to be putting on my genitals.

I am gonna continue to use the oil every morning and night because I believe someone would’ve answered if they knew one of the oils to be potentially dangerous…

…That’s what I am hoping anyway, lol.

Have you checked around the effects of each of these, and looked on google or something similar to find horror stories like “Oh my god, Juniper blew my dick off”.

However they are natural suppliments and I cant see a shop selling something like that, which could potentially cause damage very easily.

When you stopped did the smelly urine stop?

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I didn’t stop :eek:

I will only stop if things get worse or any other side effects become apparent. Thanks for the reply, I guess you are right… They are used for aromatherapy so I doubt they will harm me.

Is the smell actually from your urine or is it just a nasty smell rising up from your penis and underwear?

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Does your pee smell like you’ve eaten aspargus?

Or it could be something else you’re eating or taking that produces the reaction described below (

Some people, notice a strong odor after eating asparagus. This appears to be produced by two sulfur-containing compounds. As few as five or six spears may be enough to produce an odor. The odor may be noticed even within 15 minutes after eating the asparagus and disappears in a few hours when the asparagus is completely digested and absorbed.

According to the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board most authorities originally felt that the compound which causes the odor in urine after consumption of asparagus is methylmercaptan, which is a sulfur-containing derivative of the amino acid, methionine. Later studies suggested the compounds were methylthioacrylate and methylthiopropionate. This is disputed by a few individuals who claim that the odiferous compound is asparagine-amino-succinic-acid monoamide, which is derived from the amino acid, asparagine. In any case, the product is formed as a derivative during the digestion and subsequent breakdown of beneficial amino acids, which occur naturally in asparagus. Doesn’t sound like any researcher has specifically nailed down what the exact compound is.

The smell is from the urine, and I don’t think I have had asparagus… not unless my mom mixed it up in a stew or something. Thanks for all the info on that Ike, nice to see people taking the time to help others out :)

I use a lot of aromatherapy oils. Have experimented for years. Now I know that this is quite a late response, but I think the following must be stated for other s who stumble upon this thread.

Please be aware that a lot of these oils have different effects that might be contradicting to one another.

Frankincense - a relaxant, helps to make you breathe deeper, a lot of this one can put you in a trance

Orange - a stimulant, wakes you up, refreshes, photo-toxic (like all citrus oils - see lemon) - meaning if you have this on your skin and expose yourself to sunlight or other bright light it will change the colour of your skin (careful all flashers/streakers/nudists)

Juniper - an aphrodisiac, known to be a skin irritant, good for muscle pains - so it penetrates well, use in low dilution

Clary Sage - a relaxant, anti-inflammatory

Lemon - stimulant, photo-toxic (see orange)

Roman Chamomile - a sedative, relaxing, will soothe the skin (chamomile is great when sunburned - remember this!)

Bergamot - uplifting, photo-toxic (see orange)

Lavender - best all rounder, antiseptic, one of the few oils you can use neat directly onto the skin, also great for repairing (skin etc?)

Mandarin - stimulating, photo-toxic (see orange), great for repairing stretch marks

Sweet Marjoram - antiseptic, good for circulation

Ylang ylang - aphrodisiac, good for circulation, relaxing

Rosemary - stimulant, great for circulation, great for repairing skin

I would be careful on the lavender. It smells great and I use it on my shirts in small quantities but it may be a testosterone blocker. There are conflicting studies on this but why bother taking the chance since you really don’t have to? Just as a note, I use it on my shirts because chicks love it when it is a background smell as it is very relaxing. Somewhat way over simplified but it is a powerful scent.

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I would suggest keeping aromatherapy and the penis way simpler. Here follows my suggestions:

You must dilute aromatherapy oils. There are about 5 oils in total for which this isn’t an absolute.

10 drops essential oils per 50ml base oil is more than enough, in fact, if your skin is sensitive I’d rather go for 10 drops per 100ml oil

Base oil: Olive oil is one of the best oils to use as base oils as it is rich in vitamin E which is great for the skin.

Essential oils: Lavender - great for circulation, repair of fibers, antiseptic
Calendula - repairs fibers quicker than any other natural product, use with an antiseptic like lavender as it has no antiseptic properties of it’s own, soothes and softens skin
Rosemary - Great for circulation, the best actually, can be a skin irritant so use in moderation
Ylang (don’t like repeating myself) ylang - aphrodisiac, relaxing fibres, good for circulation
Patchouli - great for the skin, good for circulation, aphrodisiac

Store the mix in airtight dark colored container. In the fridge if you can. This makes it last longer.

Have fun.

10:1 I bet you it’s the olive oil base, but it could be anything like onions/garlic or fish in your diet. If I’m not mistaken you can clear that foul smell right up with celery or celery seeds. I don’t think the lavender in such a small amount would do any harm to your testosterone if you’re healthy. All you can really expect from it is a sense of relaxation and antibacterial properties.

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