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Need advice on new oil


Originally Posted by nowhereman
I would be careful on the lavender. It smells great and I use it on my shirts in small quantities but it may be a testosterone blocker. There are conflicting studies on this but why bother taking the chance since you really don’t have to? Just as a note, I use it on my shirts because chicks love it when it is a background smell as it is very relaxing. Somewhat way over simplified but it is a powerful scent.

I haven’t heard of this trait of lavender. Frankincense and Myrrh has the biggest influence on testosterone and oestrogen basically producing “fake” hormones. Anyway, most essential oils seems to rather have a balancing effect on hormones rather than stimulating the one or the other. If you are worried about lavender then go for Patchouli. It’s basically the male version of lavender.

Further, I have to say that even though I do use lavender it is certainly not my favourite. It’s just not how a dick should smell.

Yeah, I would be carefull trying to approach women with a dick that reeks of lavender and flowery oils or they might think you’re already taken.

Totally agree about the lavender. It is a very female scent so in any use on a man go easy. The studies on testosterone are highly conflicted for laveder. The negative ones are probably over blown in my opinion.

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Can’t wait for my penis to smell like coconut and lemon. I’ll let you know if my urine starts smelling too.


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