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Need a Pep Talk

Need a Pep Talk

I now have been PEing for about 2 months now, and I havent seen any gains other than when I FIRST started I had some pumped gains that quickly went back to normal size after a week. My routine is simple, I don’t warm up or warm down, no manual stretches or anything like that, I just jump right into jelqing for for 15 min, then throw on the kaplan pump for 15 min at about 5hg, then jelq for another 5 min. I do it 3 days on one day off. So far I havnt seen any noticeable gains but my girlfriend tells me that she can tell it’s getting fatter, but since she knows I’m doing this whole PE thing, I think she is just trying to be nice and not hurt my feelings because personally, it doesnt look much bigger to me. Can anyone help me out here, maybe give me a pep talk or something to let me know what I’m doing wrong or what I’m doing too much of? Should I have already expected like a half inch gain or something more along the lines of a 1/8 in gains? I’m Positive this isnt all a waste of time otherwise you all wouldn’t be up on here, but am I doing something wrong? I know I’m doing my jelqs right and I know that this PE thing takes time, so should I not be discouraged after 2 months and only gaining about 1/8 of an inch. Thank you all in advance, I will be keeping up with this post.

Oh and I forgot to ask. Is manual stretching before a pump session even worth doing, I mean since I jelq and pump to my max length, doesnt it seem a little pointless to stretch? Someone explain that theory to me also. AND since I’m here I might as well ask if a hot wrap really is THAT GREAT for gains when PEing?

Hi there.

Don’t be so demotivated man! You’ve made some great length gains already! If I were you, I would do this:

-Buy an infrared lamp
-Change the schedule (15 minutes stretching, 20 minutes jelqing)
-Install the IR lamp on a table or something, so that the penis can be heated the WHOLE session (while stretching and jelqing)
-Maybe pay more attention to the quality of the stretching and jelqing. Take a good look how the penis reacts (maybe you have to jelq somewhat harder, with another erection level or a longer stroke)

If you can see that this makes your penis more sore after the session, you can eventually change the routine to a 2 day on, 1 day off. Then your dick has more time to recover.

All the best man!

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I would add some maunal stretching while flaccid. I fee tha this attacks the ligs more directly.

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Your routine is quite weak in every respect, duration, technique, and application. The pump may have some application somewhere down the line but in your early stages it is not going to provide much permanent stimulus.

Most people getting into PE start at some level and then see some gains and begin ramping up their time commitments. Your not putting in the effort, you should look at a newbie program and double it. You either want a big cock or you do not, those that do, work it.

My thoughts are similar with the ones presented above, unfortunately.

I think this stuff requires one to be self-motivated, but there are many tools to stay motivated here a T’s Place. Read Bib’s PE history, look at the MP forum and so on.

This story has been inspiring to me. Bib’s history
Here for some pics. Measurement pics

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Short and easy….You aren’t doing enough for how long you’ve been PEing. That is less than what a newbies does.

Solution: Up your routine. Heat & stretch before jelqing. And if you’re going to pump, and have been doing it for some time, you should be up to 3-4 sets a day, with 5 minutes of wet jelqing in between. JUST DO IT! :)

You’ve made a good length gain, cheer up :)

Infamous,in regards to your question about stretching before pumping,the answer is YES!A good manual stretch is a great start to your workout no matter what routine you use.I hang and pump.But I do about 10 minutes of light manual stretching in all directions first.Warm up then stretch,then jelq then pump.Finish it all with another jelq.My theory on this is by stretching your unit out first,the pump has to do very little work thus allowing lower in HG pumping which is much safer and healthier.For a two month man your not doing badly,just step it up a little and dedicate to it or you’ll be crying this song a year from now.Don’t mean to sound harsh,but it’s all up to you man.

Infamous24x7 …I’ll leave the technical aspects to others wiser than me, however all I would say is be persistent. I’ve been going at this consistently for 3 months without any gains yet but I’ll be damned, now that I’ve seriously started this thing, that I’ll give up before I see something happening. Rome was built in a day.

Thank you all for the replies, I am going to bump up my routine a little longer and pay more attention to what I’m doing when I do these exercises instead of just trying to “get it out of the way.” Ill keep everybody posted on my results in the next few weeks, thank you all

You mention no warm ups. I don’t hot wrap but I do the jelq then get in a really hot shower and finish with a little more jelq and some fair stretches and a couple other things. I also to have a kaplan pump though in my opinion, ONLY MY OPINION I don’t expect gains nor do I attribute my gains to pumping and I hardly use it due to risks. I did make myself a nice little ads that’s .8lbs that I wear daily for foreskin restoration I feel it’s thickened and lengthened, I measured last night and seems I have achieved an 1/8 inch.wahhoo!!

Shlong story short do what works for you but I have done allot of reading and your plan does not even meet newbie routine, don’t only rely on the pump, you need to train your dick to do what you need to do to get through your session. To go 2-3 months isn’t enough! Time, persistence, trial and error I am shure you will hear from most. Good luck and I hope you find something helpful from this.

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