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Need a Mentor for BFL with PEFL

Need a Mentor for BFL with PEFL

So, I’ve been on and off with PE and diet and working out forever.

Procrastination is BAD and I’m tired of it.

I’d like to find a Mentor on here.

I’m looking to do something similar to BFL (Body For Life) and combine it with PEFL (Penis Enlargement For Life).

Anyone who is interested please message me and we’ll go over details.



I’ve read that thread before. It’s a good one, and he makes points that, speaking personally, are wise ones to follow (I’m am currently on a beak, because of my tendency to ‘overdo it’).

I’m sure the mentoring system has worked for people, but I would use the cliche of the Nike slogan and say, ‘Just do it’.

Good Luck,

Originally Posted by Kamel407
I’m looking to base my workouts/diet/routine on this philosophy.

Different approach to PE and its workouts; READ THIS!!

Did you see the comment on the bottom of the first page regarding Thermo’s routine? It said he uses steroids.

Originally Posted by gprent101
Did you see the comment on the bottom of the first page regarding Thermo’s routine? It said he uses steroids.

I understand that, but I don’t think its necessary. I think working out and exercise promotes a better cardiovascular system and therefore promotes better blood flow. I think the combination of Sleep, Diet, Workout, and PE is key. I also believe in more rest days in combination with tear down and build up. I’ve just been lazy, and just do it is good, but someone to talk to about all of it is even better.


My BFL Bible

Just a note, I’ll be reading this and re-reading this for a long time, thought I would share it with you. This is the BFL part of my BFL/PEFL which I think will help my PEFL. I know a lot of you think PE has nothing to do with muscles, but I think the essentials of better PE go hand in hand with better lifestyle.


Central Florida

If any of you reading this are from the Central Florida area, please message me. I’ve been doing some more brainstorming today. Also if you’re interested in more information on what I am gathering for BFL/PEFL message me as well.


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