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need a detailded description of bruisers 180

need a detailded description of bruisers 180

hey all, i take this opportunity to introduce myself as a new member(in both sense of the word heheh).

ive done a search of this site and cant get my hands on a detailed description of the brusier 180 move, so if anyone would be so kind as to point out a thread, page, or even detail it for me,id be grateful to whoever does that.

on this note….i wish all the best in your pe training !!

cheers !

welcome chip

it’s amazing how well that search button works in the upper right hand corner of your screen :)

Horse 440 Squeezes

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What exactly is a bruiser 180?

On the subject of the horses, I think many would say they are one of the best, if not the best girth exercise.

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06-12-2002 02:40 PM


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Joeseven and twatteaser Post # 57

joe: I personally don’t think you are there yet. Be careful with this horse squeeze because
it really requires a very strong and veteran penis. Since it’s done close to full erection,
you can really hurt yourself. You want that base OK grip to be a death clamp, as hard
as you can grab. You want zero blood out.

twat: My personal opinion having been around and seen and done it all, I would say yes
it is the best for girth. There are physiological reasons that are obvious if you do them
correctly. Simply put, this squeezes more blood into the corpus cavernosa and expands
the tissue more and for longer time periods than regular jelqs or ULIs. ULIs are good too
and of course are the “prelude” to a good horse squeeze.

Oh BTW basketball, I would never try that bruiser thing. You get totally erect and
twist the dick around 180 degrees and bury it between your butt cheeks and hold
that for I forgot how long. Very dangerous but some guys got fantastic results from it.

Some guy from Australia came up with it but it’s very scary to do.

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and from peforum:…ght=bruiser+180

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bruiser 180 pics
I don’t know if this is alright by the moderators but I have pics of the original bruiser 180. It is from the site that died years ago. I’m not sure if it infringes copyright or anything but if the moderators don’t want it up just take this thread out.

I think it’s better to see how it was done originally because there was so much confusion over erect bends.

Anyway the only explanation was as follows

1. Begin with approximately 80% erection.

2. Holding at base, rotate erection either clockwise or anticlockwise maintaining internal pressure and ensuring that underside continues to face up.

3. Place between thighs, with erection rotated 180 degrees.

4. Use thighs to hold in place. If more pressure required, squeeze ankles/knees/thighs together, creating high pressure within the internal tissues. Hold this position for approx. 2 minutes and repeat 1 to 4 for approx. 30 mins.

At the bottom of the page it also had the following

“Images and text provided by Bruiser, so you know it’s right. “

and from…ght=bruiser+180

DO THESE VERY CAREFULLY! You can really tear up your unit with this one. I haven’t but just doing it will make you very aware of the potential for damage.
I get 80- 90 % erect for these. Once hard use one hand to hold shaft and use the other to pinch base of my unit. I then twist the shaft 360 degrees. Do this very slowly! One hand should be on the shaft; one hand should be monitoring the twist at the base. OnceI am reasonably comfortable I start squeezing my shaft right over the twist, toward the head, to gorge the head. I apply enough pressure to make the head look bumpy like dough. That’s discomfort, NOT PAIN. I do 50 squeezes(yes 50) then I squeeze hard and maintain for a 30 second count. Release your bruiser slowly. You will notice a huge head hanging from the end of your unit that wasn’t there before. Repeat Bruiser twist in the opposite direction. I now repeat the Bruiser set up, but this time insted of grabbing and squeezing at the twist, you grab at the head and squeeze down toward the shaft. It is very important to monitor the twist during this excercise. Repeat squeezes and counts. This gorges your mid-shaft and base. When you release you will see wide based flaccid penis that wasn’t there before.

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