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Hi, I was curious as to what everyone gets for their NBP measurements compared to their NBPFSL measurements.

"The greatest inspiration is not out doing others but out doing ourselves."

About a half inch to an inch difference with NBPFSL being the one that’s longer. I can’t really remember exactly since I haven’t bothered to measure myself lately. I’m gonna wait a while, then hope I’m surprised.

Becoming.... Godsize

ELNBP - 5.75

BPfs - 7.375 (never measured the FS nbp, to much skin gets pulled forward)

ELBP - 6.875

A Low Lot Idea

Im not an expert and Im not very good at English or typing so please bear with me.

I think this might spark the interest for low lot individuals that PE. I read post from people with low Lots venting they have not seen any NBL/BPL gains. I think it might be because the gains for tunica stretchers are seen through NBFSL, I also think people with low lots that havent seen any gains through NB/BP measurements might be because that extra tunica length gained is being unused when erect, this bring me to my concern: How to turn those FSL gains into NBL/BPL, I read micro tears created by stretching creates more septum/CC/Tunica length, but how does that extra, larger septum/CC/Tunica length get put into use when you get an erection? I was thinking by increasing blood flow to the penis through excercises such as jelqing will help overcome this possible limiting factor so that extra bloodflow can be used to expand the extra septum/CC/tunica gained. Hopefully this can bring in more disscussion.

I hope you can understand this idea despite my broken up english, if there is anyone else who can explain this better please feel free to.

"The greatest inspiration is not out doing others but out doing ourselves."

The tunica is made up of 2 layers. One resistant to length and one to girth. This isn’t to say that you can’t gain on only one layer and not the other. My thoughts are that you make gains with the outer layer that is resistant to length stretch before you stretch the inner layer that is resistant to girth.

In my mind, this is the difference between the FSL and BPEL. I could be wrong…This is just a theory.

Oh, I’m equal and have been for quite some time.

BPEL: 7 7/8
FSL: 7 7/8

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