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Natural Mole, Wart, Skin Tag & Genital Wart Removal

Natural Mole, Wart, Skin Tag & Genital Wart Removal

Just thought I’d give something back to this community. I just recently learned of a technique to remove moles and everything else I listed without surgery. For most people I doubt this information is needed, but for people like me (Norweigen/Irish living in the tropics at the beach everyday) who get a lot of moles I hope this works for you - just as I am hoping it works for me, since having had moles removed at the dermatologist or plastic surgeon is no fun.

Although I just started about 5 days ago, I already see some evidence it is working - my warts are now just dark spots under the skin, a few of the moles I’ve tried it on are already starting to raise and peel etc.

Anyway, the secret I guess is mixing Castor Oil with Baking Soda. You don’t mix a vat of it, I just mix a small amount at the bottom of a bowl until it turns to a paste.

The first time you do it, you need to get a sterile needle and emry board. Scratch the surface of the mole/wart etc gentley with the needle. You don’t want to draw blood, although I have accidently. Then rub the area with a emry board (the thing chicks use for their nails). You basically get the idea, of just exposing the raw skin.

Next apply the paste ontop of the area (I use a Q-tip). Let it soak in a bit, then apply it again.

Everyday, try to apply the paste 3 times. You are suppose to use a bandaid to keep the moisture in, but I only used bandaids for the warts on my right hand I was treating.

Genital warts, although I have no experiance with - are just supposed to use only castor oil (no baking soda).

You only scratch the surface the first time only.

The mole/wart/etc should fall off in 3days to 3weeks, with some cases apparently taking up to a month and a half. If it isn’t gone by then, it doesn’t work for you.


If anyone tries this, please post your results as well.

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Originally Posted by nostem
Then rub the area with a emry board (the thing chicks use for their nails).

Hey hey hey! I use those chick things on my nails.

I’m a nail biter, if I don’t smooth ‘em out with an emory board, I rip the hell out of my cock doing my jelqs, it’s quite an unpleasant experience.

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Very interesting!

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Colloidal Silver is killer on warts.

Don’t know about moles.


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I have removed warts using dry ice.

Anyone had much luck with this? Think I’m gonna give it a try.

I have heard that you can develop skin cancer from interfering with moles.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

I don’t think picking off moles is linked to skin cancer. The problem with picking off moles is that it is thereafter harder to tell if the moles are changing shape, size, color, etc. — so you may overlook symptoms of cancer.

Keep in mind that a mole has a root and when cutting to remove at the doctors office they inject some pain killer and clamp on to it with the hemostats what ever they are called then they pull on it and cut a big chunk out sometimes. I have had 3 removed on my back this way. It hurt like hell but they are completely gone and I no longer have any chances of cancer for them. Or as the doctor said I would not. I have quite a few skin tags And I cut them off myself just put some ice on it for a few mins or so and if it is a small one take some nail clippers and snip it off. It will bleed a little but it saves money from the doctor. I was told this little tidbit from one of my doctors. (keep in mind moles are mostly flat and skin tags are rasied.)

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Could this also work with sebacious glands? You know, the tiny bumps some people (like me) have on their shaft.

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