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My wife told me she can not .......

My wife told me she can not .......

feel my penis because she is too wet. I’m 8.5x6 inches. I guess I need more girth.

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I guess she have to do some serious kegels!

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Sounds like her vagina malfunctioned.

Are you sure your wife don’t has a cow pussy.

Originally Posted by Bird2
Are you sure your wife don’t has a cow pussy.

Damn… LOL!


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Rvenge is sweet

During my second marriage I was a real Vaseline man, I always had to have things really slippery. My wife hated it. Finally she started saying that she couldn’t feel anything when I used the lube Now I never use lube and my girth is a lot fatter than it was back then. Maybe I should call her up, see if she can feel me now;)

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Tell your wife to get a gynoflex.

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I’m sorry…but that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You’re way above the average and you’ve got gigantic girth. Your wife is being ridiculous.

Wet with what? Novacaine?

Originally Posted by rednuht

feel my penis because she is to wet.Im 8.5x 6inchs.I guess i need more girth.

Happens everytime if you fuck ‘um AFTER you fist ‘um.

I was with one woman who got EXTREMELY wet every time, and also inflated to pretty huge dimensions when aroused. I felt hardly anything with a 6” girth in her. That’s a rare situation, though.

Man that sucks..

Do you fear she will stray to the other side of the tracks??

What side of the tracks? The side the horses are on?

I had a gal that was pretty loose and wet. Shallow, but loose and wet. She liked it when I had my dick in her ass, and half my hand in her pussy. Yeah, I liked it, too!

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Men. What you need is a towel. This question comes up all the time on women’s boards—just keep a towel handy for a quick swipe every so often. And pat yourself on the back for being so hot that you get her that wet.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Sounds like quite a woman!


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