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My tip for today

My tip for today

If you have a LOT that benefits from low stretching listen up :)

Kneel down, on your bed, on the floor, anywhere.

Place your legs apart, not too wide but not too close, you’ll find the best width as you go on.

Grab your balls from behind (your ass) and pull them gently as far back as possible against your PC towards your anus.

Then your cock should be pointing straight down.

Now all you have to do is kegel, stretch and jelq.

I did this yesterday and my flaccid length was amazing, I’ve never seen it looks so big without a little warming up. Usually ill pull my trousers down to take a leak or changing for the gym and think “yeah, it’s bigger but nothing special, still looks small to me” but today I was literally astounded (I love that word!)

I don’t think I am coordinated enough to follow those directions. :D

Just kidding. Sounds interesting, dongdon. If and when I change my routine, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!


I change my routine everyday. I never do the exact same routine I do whatever feels good that day.

Trust me, if you do this too you’ll get big gains! Some days ill do 20 minutes, some days ill PE for 2 hours non stop!

Just try this exercise, trust me dude I’m serious.

Excellent use of imagination, that’s all it takes. Just because there’s not a video or demonstration on a exercise doesn’t mean something you create on your own isn’t productive.


I’m not trying to argue, lets call this discussion :)

If you find a routine that works for you, by all means go for it and continue.

For me, and this might just be me, I keep trying different exercises everyday and I’ve done nothing but gain from it. I obviously do the jelqs, stretching and PC muscle workout, just in different ways and I do it until I feel I should stop, not when the clock says so.

I hope I made better sense, and sorry for the spelling and grammar dude, I’m learning.

And I’m drunk if thats an acceptable excuse. Sorry if I sound big headed or cocky (no puns intended!) I’m really just trying to give the best advice I can give.

I really love this forum and the people, we’re all here for trying to improve ourselves, I’m just tyring to bring a bit of the psychological aspect into it. Damn I AM drunk!


If he has good gains with it, why not I would say…

I just see it as adapting to your own body, not someone elses, because we’re all at different stages, some people may have kegeled since 13 or just started at 25 when they’re fully grown already.

Just do what feels good is the best advice anyone can ever give about anything.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

If you change your routine every day, how the hell do you know which exercise is effective?

Thank you. I was wondering if I was wrong in thinking the exact same thing. The only reason I’ll change is if I stop gaining for a while. Otherwise, if I am gaining, why would I change? I may vary the amount of time, or maybe use a variation of an exercise, but to completely change my routine all the time is mnot for me.


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