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My theory on discoloration and a dangerous cure.


My theory on discoloration and a dangerous cure. theory on discoloration is that if you clamp for too long you will actually kill the cells in your cock. You cells need oxygen to live, the average shelf life is going to be between 5-15 minutes before they die. I believe that discoloration is just dead skin cells from clamping too long. Not bruising. If it were bruising it would go away in a week of so. I know from personal experience that it does not go away, does it? So we killed a layer of skin cells by keep blood in our cocks and not letting fresh blood in.

Now the second part of my post. This is also the really dangerous part too. The possible cure. I have found a way to slowly get those dead skin cells off. It takes a while and you can’t rush it. You pretty much are removing one micro layer each session. So far I have seen some results. It’s not completely back to normal, but better. So you want to know? First off don’t blame me if you lose your cock ok: the answer is use a sharp knife. That’s right, I said it. If you have a really sharp pocket knife then you probably have put that knife against your forearm to test how sharp it was by trying to shave your hairs off right? It is the same principle. When you shave your arm hair off you will notice that you also get some white stuff too, almost like powder. What happened is you shaved off a extremely thin layer of skin. Now apply this principle to your cock. Make sure to practice on your arm first. If you can’t shave off hair either you are not doing it at the right angle or your knife is too dull and in that case you should not do it to your penis. If you know what I am talking about when I say shaving off skin then take your cock and stretch some skin, then shave. You’ll see some skin on the knife. It’s working. Go slow and take your time.

Remember that you have a extremely sharp knife on your cock, one slip and you will know longer need to be a member at Thunder’s Place.

I did not promise this as a cure, only a theory.


Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

From what I’ve read discoloration is from zinc deposits. I think there’s enough confirmed information on this subject that we don’t have to resort to crazy theories.

I don’t really care if I end up with a big black one. As long as it’s big. But since I’m not discoloring much I’m not worried about it. The slightest darkening is all.

Still, if it was a problem, I think the chemical peel idea that I’ve read on here is the best one. Seems to make the most sense and I’ve seen the chemical peels do amazing things with face skin. Not the crappy OTC ones - but the real ones that you have from a dermatologist. Yeah, the ones that hurt like hell.

I would guess the discoloration is blood tattooing the skin. My wife has inherited bad veins from her grandmother and she has had spider veins burst and leave patches of blood underneath the top layer of skin. The doctor can collapse the spider vein and it is reabsorbed but many times the tattoo stays. It is hard to get to between the layers of the skin.

Another analogy could be a hickey. Now hickeys can last a long time but they go away eventually. You can use a spoon or a comb to spread out the blood and it is reabsorbed faster. Old trick for you high schoolers out there. I would not use a knife!

I have said this before and I think it is worth a try for you if the discoloration bothers you enough to try and skin your dick, try light pumping. You will circulate all of the fluids within your dick and your body will reabsorb the dead blood (not dead skin).


I don’t know what to say. But - “Stop scraping your dick with a fucking knife man!” - might be good enough.

If you believe dead skin cells are the root of discoloration you’d be happy to now that human beings automatically shed dead skin cells constantly so there’s no need to scrape them off with a knife. If you still feel the need to anyway, why not do a chemical peel, or use something safer like a sandpaper? (I never thought I’d suggest someone to use sandpaper on their dick).

Seriously, what if you get startled or something while you’re scraping your dick and accidentally cut it off or what not? Try explaining that to the doctor.

“Well doctor, I was just scraping dead skin off my wiener to get that nice shade of pink I fancy so much.”

Next stop loony bin. :drool1:

With that said, it is not my intent to be offensive or mean, just expressing my concern in a slightly humoristic manner.

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I guess my knife wasn’t sharp enough, the wife is calling an ambulance for me. You guys take care, I’m no longer a member nor do I have a member.

Can you take a picture of you doing that so we can put in the dive and make a WTH is he doing thread?

Pretty please on a cherry on top?

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I was just trying to help

siouxfallssd man, don’t worry about the flack they are giving. Your idea is not all that crazy. I have actually thought of doing something like that before but never thought of using a knife.

Personally, I think it is a good idea, its not like you are forcefully shaving off a thick layer of skin. From what I gather you are just gently grazing the knife along the skin picking up a thin layer of skin (which is likely half dead anyway) and helping it off of your shaft skin. I think if you were to do this too often it would not be good because you need to give yourself time to rejuvenate. I don’t think people realize that you are just taking about a little bit of skin, its not like a snake shedding and having big skin condom of skin left over. He is talking about an amount of skin so small that it is fine as powder.

To give a little more credit to this method, I have seen a television show where someone did a method similar to this to remove a tattoo. I believe that it took them years.

I believe that a chemical peel would likely work better, but I see some merit in this method. This might be a little dangerous (wouldn’t want to slip and cut yourself) but if you are careful I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

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I think there is a reason dermatologists use chemical peals as opposed to scalpels.

regards, mgus

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Discoloration is caused from bruising … but I don’t know that cells actually die. I had minor surgery on my penis that caused it too be very bruised for a few weeks and the result was a patch of stained skin very much like some of the people on here, except not quite as dark. It is just an affect of bruising, and it seems an effective cure has been found anyway in the ‘shedding the snake’ thread

Abrasive Lube (a ghetto chemical peel):
1.Mix some sugar with a little cooking oil.
2.Jack off using the mixture as the lube.
3.Wash dick.

At least it’s safer than a knife!

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Permanent discoloration here is due to hemosiderin staining. Basically you end up forcing blood cells out of capillaries and into the interstitium, the blood cells die, and they leave iron behind.

Using a sharp instrument on a highly superficially-vascular portion of your body sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I guess that’s why I’m not a surgeon. You’re going to have to get down into the dermis to do anything, which sounds like high potential for scarring to me. But like I said, I probably don’t wield a #10 blade like some of you. You maestros out there hack away.

As unpleasant as it sounds, I’d try a chemical peel before I’d try mechanical removal. I barely nicked my sack a few months back with an electric trimmer while doing some deforestation down there, and the SOB was oozing blood for hours, I really wouldn’t want to see how much worse it would be if I took a chunk out of my cock.

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Ok.. Well thanks for the input. Briandrain, thanks for getting my back dude. How about the alternative of using a pumis stone on your cock. I mean this is what women do to get dead skin off of their feet and stuff, why not on my manly manicotti.

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