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My theory on discoloration and a dangerous cure.


The idea of a blade or flat object to lighten it uniformly sounds very difficult. I would think that you would end up with patches or streaks of different shades. That would be harder to explain than the darkness to begin with. A couple years ago I masturbated for a few minutes a day with primrose oil and an exfoliating scrub. I got the idea from a thread about regaining sensitivity and smoothing the glans, as mine is rough. I noticed some improvements on the glans. I would recommend this over the pumice stone.

Put The Crack Pipe Down!


How about a pumice stone instead?

Siouxfalls, I think your idea is a creative one, and believe that if you are extra careful there is a 90% chance that nothing bad would happen. But the other 10% include: imagine yourself peeling your dick with an extra sharp knife…you get one of those sudden slightly stingy iches in your back that makes you twich, and slice goes the main vein in your penis! And a big problem is also what blackfury says, you could end up with a shady dick which would look ridiculous.

I’m not saying you’re crazy, I’m just saying you should think a little more of the possible consequences.

PE safe buddy!

Hugewang69, the crack is so good though, lol

There are a couple guys testing out a product called ScarGuard Lightener which is supposed to remove pigment, thereby reducing discoloration. Hopefully they will notice good results in a month or so and report back.

I love GOLD


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