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my theory of the lot theory continued

my theory of the lot theory continued

Hello, here is some new idea I had a couple of days ago.

First I am a firm believer in the LOT theory.

But I have an idea about physiology that I would like to run past you guys.
The LOT Theory states that the tighter your ligs the higher LOT you have and the more chances you have to have quicker gains with the internal shaft being pulled forward - makes sense.

So some of us have tighter ligaments than others - I am wondering, if those with tighter ligaments in the penile area also had tighter ligs in other places. I have a very high LOT almost 10, I also know from sports that I have tight ligaments and tendons in my legs when I stretch, in fact every where on my body I am tight. So for the High Lot members of the forum, stretch and tell us if there is a connection to overall body flexibility and your ligs of the penile shaft.

this raises one more issue, if you stop stretching for a while, say your legs, you will eventually tighten up - what does this mean for PE - do people lose the stretch??? It would suggest that people will tighten everywhere if this idea seems to be anywhere close to the truth. Therfore maintanence is always needed. Lets see what we can come up with about this idea.

come on any ideas?

It sounds logical to me. I know, however, that a lot of guys her go for the “lig pops’ which create small fisures in the ligs. I don’t think that they can necessarily repair or tighten.

When you mentioned you need to stretch to keep your ligs nice and loose well I think that is why we get erections. I think “stretching” is implying more than normal hence gains. However, I know that people who don’t get as many erections do end up having a shorter length. Of course if they start having lots of erections again then their length goes back to what it was before.


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I had a high LOT and for the most part am pretty flexible, except for my hamstrings…

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I have been able to do a split in the past, when it was a priority. But recently, because of other pursuits, I haven’t been stretching much. A few weeks ago I started training a few times a week again.

When I stretched after training, I was surprised at how low I was NOT able to sink into the split. On Monday, I was not able to do a full split, but I was close and had progressed very much in a few weeks. When flexibility was a priority, I would stretch pretty much every day. Now it’s once, but no more than twice, a week.

Although I haven’t researched it, my trainer told me that ligament gains from stretching were permanent. My experiences over the past few weeks might support that.

It might be the muscles that have tightened. If muscle is not used it atrophies.

As that relates to PE, long time vets say that they retain their gains (as long as they have been cemented). The connective tissue that has been permanently elongated; should remain just that, permanently elongated.

Any ‘shrinkage’ would likely be due to atrophy of the CC’s and CS from under use of the penis.

I believe that when people get knee surgery for instance, after their leg is imobilized for an extended period of time, they have to re-stretch their ligimants to regain mobility. Not positive on this, anybody else?

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