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My success story


My success story

My wife has know about my PE sense the very beginning. I started PE primarily looking to improve my erection quality. We have been married 28 years and because of erection quality our sex life has dwindled. She was not convinced PE would do anything but she gave me her blessing.

I have been doing PE for a little over a year and she is pleasantly surprised. The erection quality has improved tremendously and I have gained over an inch in length and .5 inch in girth. About 4 months ago she said those magic words, “my god honey, you feel so much bigger.” Now she wants sex a lot more and says she can’t get enough of me. She has also stated she does not want me to grow any more. She is afraid if I get bigger, sex would become uncomfortable. If she is not very wet we now have to use lube. We have started going to clothing optional resorts and my confidence has improved due to the wife pointing out the size of the other guys at the resort compared to me, assuring me I have nothing to be ashamed of.

My wife and I want to Thank you Thunder

That’s a great story eddie, congratulations!

Clothing optional, eh? Ha ha! There is no way I could ever go anywhere that is clothing optional! Aside from taking a piss, anytime my “little buddy” gets out in the open, up he goes! No dick control whatsoever!

Give it time wideload, give it time.

Sounds like a good problem. I am still a little insecure so mine has a tendency to try to hide.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Great story eddie, I am glad for you!

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

I have a question for you Ed, are your gains just from jelqing and stretching or did you hang and clamp also?

Manual stretching 10min a day 5 on two off
Jelqing 10min 2 days a week
Clamping after my Jelqing for 20-30mins

I went into PE for improving erection quality so my routing was aimed solely at that. The gains were a bonus. I continue to use this routine but I no longer see any increase in lenght or girth and right now I am satisfied to just maintain what I have.

That’s great to hear!Truly Inspiring.

Is that the only routine you did the whole time?

Great post Eddie. Congratulations on your gains and improved EQ. This should provide some inspiration to those who feel they are wasting their time.

Such a moving story; it brings a tear to my eye!

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by PrinceJohn
That’s great to hear!Truly Inspiring.
Is that the only routine you did the whole time?

I have stayed with the same routine the intire time with one addition. I also do kegels several times a day.

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