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My success story


Thanks for the encouraging replies guys.

I am so happy for you bro.

Thunder, this should be on the homepage article of thunder’s. It is really what this place is all about, improving your penis and life for free.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

yeah man, congratz and both gains and EQ:D Very nice indeed. Did you start clamping from day 1 (near beginning)?

Hmm, you said you just jelqed twice a week. Maybe the smooth muscular tissue really need that long to recover fully for next workout? You gained well. ANybody?

Amazing what a simple routine can produce!


I not not start clamping until about the 3rd month when the gains seemed to taper off.

As for the jelqs, in the beginning I tried to jelqed every other day. After several weeks of this, I was having some negative indicators, soreness and lack of morning wood. I stopped the jelqs until the soreness left and the morning wood returned. I then begin to jelqed twice a week and that seemed to be about all my penis could handle. I did increase the amount of time and number over time.

I believe everyone has their own tolerance and you just have to find it by trial and error and don’t overdue.

Great job! What are you starting and current stats?


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