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My stretch

My stretch

I do a bizarre stretch I thought I would share.

Standing up, spread ones legs apart to a comfortable wide stance. Feet should be wider than shoulders, but if it’s uncomfortable obviously do not attempt to widen too far.

Bend one knee so as to come to a stretching formation. grab penis with hand belonging to the opposite side as the bent knee. Pull penis under the hamstring of the side of the bent knee. You may desire to bend the tip of the head a bit where you grab the head beneath with an OK sign. Pull hard. As you thrust into your pull, bend at the waist. Do a stroking jelq motion. I recommend dry.

Edit: By the way, this is a great yoga-esque or pilates-esque workout. I notice that despite not lifting weights my chest has become phenomenally toned.

Sounds great, Rock on!

Great use of Imagination

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