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My Stretch Technique

My Stretch Technique

Due to lack of privacy, I have mostly done squeeze/jelk routines for a couple years. These have provided some length gains, as well as girth and general performance improvements, but I have been anxious to make more headway with length. I have tried a number of manual stretching techniques, but I don’t think I can apply enough force over a long enough time period to make a difference. Those that require a fulcrum effect are uncomfortable. It seems that hanging (pure tension) has provided the most consistent length gains to most people here, and typically for 30 minute to an hour per day, maybe more.

I have an idea that I think will provide me with gains, and I thought I would share it in order to get feedback and also because I read a lot of posts where people are struggling with their stretching techniques. The basic difference with what I’m doing is that I’m using my foot to apply a stretching force rather than my hands. My setup is very simple, and I can do it while I’m sitting at my desk doing other things (i.e. work). I use a cotton wrap with a velcro band. I use a string with a couple loops tied in one end to attach to the band. The string runs inside my pant leg to a loop at sock level. When I want to stretch I place a loop with a hook around my foot, attach to the other loop, and simply press the gas. Its the only way I’ve ever felt deep stretching comparable to muscle stretching. I can apply far greater force with my foot, it doesn’t fatigue, and I can apply either constant force or a cycling load. It also has a high stealth factor, although it does require discreet “package management.” Any number of modifications could be made to this system, but it seems to me to have the potential to provide results comparable to hanging. The biggest limitation to the way I do it is that I can’t vary the stretch angle very much, though if you have privacy at home you certainly could. I haven’t done this long enough to get gains, but I’ve become comfortable enough with it to think I can.

Anyway, I think I’ve come up with a method that can work within my constraints. I’d be happy to hear any thoughts. Does anyone else do this?

Dear ddriver:

I appreciate your sharing. I have been toying with the idea of a rubber band, (the large kind that some doctors are prescribing for rehabilitation patients), and a CCH3, (great looking design!) attached to a door knob/ table leg/ large immovable object for extra tension in my manual stretching.

I sustained a shoulder injury some months back and have been unable to pull with my right arm as strongly as I would like.
Your use of your feet is a cool idea - I’ve been using my thighs, and hands, for the same purpose. I wrap my arm around the outside of my thigh, reach under the same thigh, and then grab Lex and start stretching. The thigh is the power driver and not my shoulder. It enables me to stretch either sideways or down depending on how I move my thigh and how I place my arm. It gives me all the ‘burn’ I can handle. I find it much more comfortable to do this lying down. My hands do fatigue after 5 - 10 min. but I like it because it requires no other aids than what I normally carry with me.
Good luck, and keep stretching!

Could we see a picture or atleast a diagram of your contraption

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