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MY Story

MY Story

Hello, I just thought I’d post a little about my PE journey. I’ve done PE on and off for about 5 years now. I started at 5.5 bpel x 4.75 girth. I gained quite a bit the first few months, up to 6.75 bpel x 5.25 girth. I quit almost two years ago when my girlfriend decided for me that it was unnecessary. Anyway, we broke up 8 or 9 months ago and i began clamping and stretching religiously. I rather quickly got up to my current stats of 7.25 bpel x 6.5 girth. I get “Damn! that’s enormous” comments” frequently. But when i look at myself… it still doesn’t look that big.

Last month, my old girlfriend and i got together again. She didn’t say anything the first night we had sex. But we both noticed it was much much tighter. The next week she says, “what have you been doing down there”? I just told her i was doing PE again and that it made me feel better about myself. Even thou i could tell she loved the increased size… Honest, she wasn’t all that happy. You see, She had wanted breast augmentation and i had finally talked her out of it years ago. I expressed that I truly love her just the way she was. I’m not all that crazy about big fake tits. Besides, hers are a small C cup as it is and she’s only about 5”1. But she turned it around and used the same argument with me. I enjoy PE. Not only for size but for EQ as well.

What do you guys think about this?

My take - Big difference between “exercise” and surgery. Also, surgery may cause problems in later life. So might over-zealous PE, which is why I am on an ultra-light routine. More on that story later…

Joe, first of all, congratulations on your gains.

And concerning PE and your (ex)girlfriend - you are doing PE for yourself, not for her. It is not her business.
On the other hand, you had no right to talk her out of breast surgery. You can tell her you love her the way she is, but if she wants to do it for herself, it’s her thing.

Now, on to other, more important things - how did you get those massive gains? The more detail, the better.

Chicken, I disagree. You don’t let a child put it’s hand in a fire. Why have surgery that is not necessary? It’s not totally risk free. Therefore doing it is more risky than not doing it.

Also, whereas big tits may LOOK better to some people (not me), they probably do not enhance sex for the man in quite the same way as a bigger dick might for the woman. I would never want to hold silicone in my hands. I believe in natural things - like PE :D

As far as my girlfriends breast surgery goes. I’m beginning to see that you are right. It’s her decision. However, I do believe that she should be wary of how dangerous and unnecessary surgery is for her. Complications from surgery are numerous. Could pay a toll on her physically and mentally. In my opinion it’s totally unnecessary and and not worth it.

As far as my gains go. I got most of my gains this last year from warming up really well! stretching in all directions (including Bundle stretches and BT stretches. Then cable clamp for 10 to 15 minute intervals for a total of about and hour and a half per day. It’s about a 2 hour routine for 4 to 5 days a week. Also, I wear a soft jelly silicone cock ring most every day. I take it off for about 4 or 5 hours a day and let things settle down a bit. Sometimes it gets up to over 7 1/2 inches in girth while clamped or in a cock ring that’s too tight. I’ve read some posts to the contrary… But i believe the cock ring is safe to use 10 to 15 hours a day. But i do admit, at times i may overdo it, so all you out there be very careful! I also eat healthy and work out at the gym everyday. But don’t overdo it. If your tired or sick take a day or two off. I think that’s very important.

Also, I did alot of anabolic steroids in the past when I was PE’ing without much gain. I made my biggest gains while off the stuff. I don’t know about that IGF-1 of HGH, but anabolic steroids does not cause gains of an adult penis even when doing PE. There is probably other factors involved, but i believe you need your own naturally produced testosterone for PE gains.

Hey, don’t get me wrong guys, I am all for the real, natural thing. I just think that if a person wants to do something for themselves, and it doesn’t involve hurting other beings, it’s their own matter.
And Marky, I know what you mean, that a bigger dick has a functional value whereas bigger tits don’t.

But I still think you know, live and let live.

Originally Posted by Chicken

But I still think you know, live and let live.

Yes, I am always full of advice, sorry :D

How much times a week did you stretched? For how long each day? Have you been doing jelqing? Do you have pictures of the transform?
What are your flaccid measurements?

Best of luck.

Conquering my goals.

We will never find ourselves big enough. I even wonder if there is any real foot long cock in porn. I really doubt it. We might be dreaming and setting goals never seen before; and I would be so proud if 1000 years in the future, the next civilization finds that the USA was not only the biggest empire on Earth, but the biggest cocks on Earth too. LOL

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

Hey, Well I’m not really into the posting pics thing. Partly because I’m not crazy about the look of my penis right now. It’s kind’ve beat up and bruised and dark from all the exercises I’ve been doing. I’ve clamped in the past and gotten the discoloration before and it took a good month or so of no PE for the discoloration to go away. I don’t even like my girlfriend to look at it in a lighted room.

But i can tell you that I warm up very well and I stretch for about a half hour so then on to the clamping which I do for an Hour and a half. Sometimes i do it twice a day. I work out usually about 4 to 5 days a week. I think the cock ring is very important as well as a healthy diet and vitamins. Mostly a muti viatimin and fish oil.


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