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My routine

My routine

Hi all I want to say that I am very intimidated by you guys so that is why i really dont post much.

I use the Zekeman strecher in which I modify the dowls to be a lot thicker I used a broom handle. I got close to an 1 inch gain in the 9.5 months stuck on cruise and the Iraqi freedom war. the only real problem is I am getting such an intense strech and I fasten the dowls so tight that I have had some real bleeding no pain just blood that I think are the internal tissues tearing so be careful. I think a good reason would also be that I have a prince albert. My problem is If I take too much ginco bilobo I tend to bleed very easy and some of the supps had ginco in them.

I got smart that I also use a pump to put blood back in my shaft after I workout and that has made healing and soreness less of an issue I didnt have a pump on the boat. I have tried to not fasten the dowls too tight but that will cause my penis to slip through. I may be wrong but I dont think the bleeding is serious BUT if you think it is PLEASE tell me why. BTW im the bald guy in the pic

Thank You

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>Hi all I want to say that I am very intimidated by you guys so that is why i really dont post much.<

How so are you intimidated? You have a lot of respect and admirers on this forum, you should post more often.

I dont know anything about the stretcher you use, but i’m sure someone with such knowledge will come along.

Good Luck

Can I ask what branch of the military you are from?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Im ive been in the Navy for over 6 years Bye the way I get alot ribbing from most of the guys but its “priceless” when the guys ask the girls I go with and the turn red and say that the call sign beast fits me.

Your pefreak

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Absolutely do not be intimidated. We all can learn from the experiences of others. Your description of your results with the Zekeman stretcher is new information already. If you gained 1 inch, where is your BEAST sizewise now and what are your goals?

I give you credit for your commitment to PE on the ship with your stretcher. How did you ever find the privacy? Or is the stretcher easy enough to conceal under your uniform? I’m not familiar with it. Maybe I’ll do an internet search.

I’m a pumper, and I agree that pumping should help with better blood circulation in your dick. I can’t comment on the bleeding, but I’m assuming that it’s a small amount that stops quickly and that you have no lingering aftereffects on your dick involving erectile ability, sensitivity, etc. If there is some kind of lingering pain associated, I would ease up on the stretcher just to let your dick heal for awhile. Continued bleeding may be due to tears that never heal completely.

Looking forward to future posts. Good luck.


Hi calipefreak,

I think the first rule to do PE is to do it healthy… If your bleeding is continuous: STOP!! and heal first before it turns in some major injury that could keep you away from your PE career.

Healing could take less then two weeks, but a major injury could you put apart from PE for a longer time, so take care.
Sometimes a step back is a step forward…



I am familiar with the Zekeman stretcher, in fact I made one. But the dowels were far too uncomfortable. In place of dowels I use my homemade BIB hanger instead and it works great. Secondly with all the hubbub about the LOT theory perhaps the Zekeman stretcher would be worth your while to build as it can be adjusted to many different angles. I would appreciate input from the PE patrol on this.


Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

Dude im so sorry that im so out of the loop.Could you send me a pic of what your talking about so that i can make one.

I too have problems making the dowels feel comfertable and would like to keep using it. BTW is Zekeman still in the forums.

I would like to say thanx to Thunder for keeping me in the forums as long as he did and for such a cool website.

Thanx to all

Its better to die free Then to live as a slave
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Re: My routine

Originally posted by calipefreak
Hi all I want to say that I am very intimidated by you guys so that is why i really dont post much.

I was too. With some encouragement from our missing MisterEd I got more and more secure. Take you time! Great picture by the way.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


I apologize but right now my digital camera is packed away. I’m building a house and we are crammed into an apartment for the next four months. I will try to get a pick if possible. Again, I’m sorry.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

I would like if I could get any pics of the bib hanger. Its wierd I can totally reinstall any software on a computer but I have no mechanical ability. I actually am no longer running windows im using Linex that was on of the many things I promised and sweared I would do when and if the let me go home.

Im so happy that I am part of such a cool website. BTW I still cant find most of my stuff also so I can understand.

Your Strecher in Arms
Beast (MAA)

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