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my routine for starting out.... need input

my routine for starting out.... need input

Hey all, Im new here and I was wondering about a good routine for a beginner. I have read all of the standard beginner stuff and have found it quite helpful. Below is the routine that I would like to try…. can you offer any comments?

5 min warmup (warm cloth wrap)
20-30 min jelquing
5 min warmdown

I figure I could do this everyday.

Also, just to make sure I know what a jelq is cause I am a little confused. As I understand it, its forming an ok sign tight at the base of the penis and then moving it upwards. Please correct me if that is incorrect.

oh, also what are your opinions on hanging? I work in a computer job sitting down all day and if there was something that I could do to lengthen my penis at the same time, it would be great.

hello brother,

welcome to the forum. enjoy it and everyone will help you if you ask. we are here to help each other.

1- 20 a 30 mins jelq is to much. i do 10 a day and i’m on the program more than one year now.

2- haning: i did it for more than 6 months and i get nothing good.

think about one thing brother:
if you have more sex a week (let say 3 times) than your unit will grow. that means, you need just a little stimulation to make your unit grow. AND not hours of training.

i will here from you brother. have fun and don’t stress yourself about this issu. the most people the hol time about their unit and forget the rest of life. PE is a training : do the training and forget about it.

i do the training not more than 20 mins a day(extenders and jelq)and i grow more than people how does it for hours.
the choice is up to you.!!!!!!!!!!!

my routine:

hotwrap before and after(5 a 10mins)
5-10 extenders(very smoth: just to feel that it’s extended)
10 mins jelq(2 a 3 sec each strock) and not hard===> VERY SOFT
that is it.

from this routine i have never injured myself or my unit and i grow faster and my sexlife is the best. thank you god.

see you all. i have to go


when did you start PE and what are your gains if I could ask

PE methods.

What was good for Hak may or not work for you. He says he got nothing from hanging yet most hangers have seen some gain. I suggest you use the opportunity you have (as I do) working in front of the computer to get in some hang time.

But first of all, you should get more experience with jelqing and the like. There are many ways to jelq - the one you mention is, let’s say, the basis, must you must elaborate on it. Read the faq’s, the links, Tom H’s page etc, and learn to jelq. Do the PC exercises.

Then think about making or buying a hanger.

And your unit will not grow from having more sex. It is not a muscle.


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