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My quest on girth

My quest on girth

It has been good so far, great gains but I want to change something. I have this tree trunk look, my base being about .5 inche larger than midshaft. So I put some variation in the exercises I do :

Jelqing : I start with a good pressure at the base, and when working on my way up, I increase the pressure, and on top I squeeze it pretty intense.

ULI : Didnt not anything for ULI, it works good for all penis girth.

Obend : Normally, you would bend by gripping the base and just behind the glans. What I do now is that I grip behind the glans with 1 hand and about midshaft with the other hand, and doing the bend. This way, the blood gets to the upper end of my penis.

What do you think about this ?

If it feels like you are targeting the right areas, then you probably are. I think Girth Blasters might also work well for you and this is the thread describing them:

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

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