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my prob

my prob

When i started PE about 2 years ago i was very sceptical and for good reason but then i just said, well ill give it a try. after trying for a long long time with no result i quit for a while and tryed again. i did this several times, about 6 months ago i decided that i was gonna get serious about it and do everything i can to get the increase. My routine includes in the morning in a hot shower i jelo 100 times very slowly. throughout the day I massage to help blood flow. at night i do 5 min reps of pulling. foward,down, left,up, and right. So far i have had no erect gain and only a small flacid girth gain. what can i be doing wrong??


Can you elaborate more on your routine - frequency, rest days, how you do the stretches and jelqs, how long ago did you start, etc. Do you smoke or drink ?


i take sat ans sun off i dont smoke or drink. as far as frequency of jelqs i do betwine 3 and 5 sec

Doc, I’m pretty new at this but have been fortunate enough to enjoy gains in a relatively short time. I think the key is intensity.

Evertime I workout my goal is to finish larger than the previous workout. Although that is not possible all the time, many times it is. If I go a week without seeing an increase in post workout size, I switch thing up using one or more of the variables of intensity: duration, fequency, force. Don’t get lost in the process, focus on the results.

what is your rout?

I’ve added Jack Daniels to my routine…LOL…Just kidding…I was a little drunk last night while doing my routine..and got a very good work out in…hmmm……

What are the effects of PE and booze?

I like to get saucey once or twice a week myself.

Booze and PE

Seems to me you would lose some of the enjoyment of watching your dick get longer and fatter. Just an observation. But alcohol dulls all of the senses.

wow! the guy on the power jelq vids is huge! i wish i was that big

hmm ive decided to buy the powerjelqer as soon as i get enough money

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