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My Penis Perception Problem.....

My Penis Perception Problem.....

Hey guys,

I did something a bit strange a few days ago. I hope you guys don’t think I’m a bit sick in the head for this……..but here it goes:

I was desperately in need of motivation a few days ago, and I was in a local “adult” store picking up a new dvd. I wondered over to the dildo section and was taking a look at them. I was looking at the 8”x6” one and it looked huge to me. Then I did something strange……..I bought it. I felt a bit wierd buying a dildo, but I did any way.

When I got home the 1st thing I did was take it out of the package and measure it. It was actually just a hair over 7.75”L X 6.2”G(5.9” at base). It still looke huge to me even though I am only .5”L x .2”G smaller (I’m bigger at the base by .35”)…….It “stands up” on it own, so I placed it on my dresser and just sat there looking at it for a while thinking ~~Am I really almost that size? Is that what I’m shooting for? Why do I seem to look so much smaller that that?~~ I then got an erection, grabbed the dildo and held it up next to my penis. Looking down at the two, I am VERY close to the same size……..looking in the mirror, again i was very very close……….

I have a hard time understanding why when I look at that dildo it looks huge, but when I look at my own penis I feel like I look small………very strange.

Does anyone else have this kind of issue with penis perception?


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

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this is a very good topic and has been addressed before…..DLD talked about it and actually wrote a thesis on it you can find it on here in the main member forum a few pages back….good stuff!!

I appreciate your openness and candidness, for discussing this…it seems that the object you bought will always look bigger because it is not attached to your body. Also, you can see the dildo from all angles, whereas you only get one angle to look at your dick maybe a few more with mirrors..

The bottom line is, you are huge dude, if you are close to that 8 X 6 mark…….relax.

I think all of us are dealing with penis perception problems man….


"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

Same here man….I looked at a deodorant bottle in the bathroom a couple of days ago and thought it looked big. I measured it and it was 7.3 inches. I compared it to my penis in the mirror and I was a bit below it (6.7EL). The thing is, when I compared it to my penis I thought that the bottle looked small as well. Anyway, Im gonna loose some weight now to gain some visual length. I meassure 7.6 bp so I should be able to get some of that out without starving myself. Does anybody know just how much one should be able to get out of his BP to EL?

Yes Sean I have a similar thing. I ride the train and bus everyday. There is a pole for people to hang on to. I used to think “that’s how big I want to be flaccid.” I thought it was pretty big. One day I measured it. It is only 4 inches in circumference. I was like WTF? I am bigger than that pole and everyday on my way to work I look at it and think “how can I be bigger than that”? In my mind it looks huge. It is a real ego boost, but I still have a hard time accepting it.

Another one is the handicap bathroom stall. There are thoses poles people can hang onto attached to the wall. It looks huge. I am thinking like porno big. However, it measures 4.875. I look at that pole and the same reaction happens.


(the only “sick” thing you did was to actually BUY porn. god bless the internet. :E)

I know, its madness!

I just recently took pictures of my dick, and it looks a whole lot bigger than it usually does. Its like ”Is that my dick?”, my brain is still dismissing it, but I have sent it to a few people and they think it looks big, and i’m still scared its an illusion.

I think i’m going mad! LOL

Could it be that a part of this perception problem has to do with the fact that the pole is a perfect round and so are some of the dildos in the shops while your penis is usually more elliptic?

In that case it would be the opposite. The roundness would make it look smaller. Plus I measured the diameter as well and it is not as wide as mine but looks much much bigger.


I’m going to contribute some for this issue… I’ve always thought that my friends have bigger dicks than I do (in flaccid state), when we go to sauna. Last weekend we did go first time in a long time (a lot PE during that time)… WTF… I thoght that their penis’ had shrinken :D ,even if it’s rather the fact that my penis has got bigger. That is hard for my brains to adapt to, altho the ruler tells me that I’ve gained almost an inch FL.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

To me the perception problem seems related to the location of the penis. We are used to seeing our penises in both erect and flaccid states foreshortened by the angle of view. So much so that I think looking in front of a mirror is unlikely to break that perception. If we could detach our penises and look at them at any angle it would probably be different.

DW posted a good - link to a penis casting site recently (you buy a kit and make a wax replica). This would be an interesting way to both see gains and correct the perception problem caused by viewing down the trunk. Imagine a line of wax penises shaped at various stages in a PE’ers progress.

Imagine a line of wax penises shaped at various stages in a PE'ers progress.

This could be a whole new department on Madame Tussauds ;)

Exposed/Not Exposed

Here is an additional idea as to why you think the dildo looks bigger than your penis that measures the same: It is bigger! The dildo is bigger! Do this and see if you feel any different. Cut the dildo off exactly at the balls and then notice how much smaller it looks. Measures the same as before but now that extra portion is gone that you are not seeing when you look at yourself. When we are dealing with our brains and eyes we have to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. It’s just an illusion!

you bought a dildo ? Damn, and I thought I had guts buying a penis pump.

I really think that a lot of our own view of our penis has to do with our perception. If you look at another man’s penis (in the change room for example) you are seeing it from a very different angle than when you look at your own.

Looking at it from above does nothing to help lengthen the perception. We also can’t get an accurate picture as to the size when you lack reference point to compare it against.

It is almost like looking at the picture of a person without an object beside them. It is impossible to estimate their size.

As it is so important to us, and we are all here because we feel undersized (whether true or not) or at least unhappy, we will be harder on ourselves and our size.

I am sure that we all look bigger to others than we percieve ourselves as being.

But WTF, we have to get bigger anyway!



Those guys in those stores see all, you can’t freak them. Me and a buddy went into this one they also have a peep show in the back. Well me and my friend have this little competition going on for about 10 years on making a fool of each other in really embarrassing situations. So while he was looking around I asked the store clerk who was in hearing distance of my friend and was also a big fat bald guy with tattoo’s all over him, that my friend was looking for a butt plug and could you recommend one. Well the guy didn’t even blink he just pointed to the area and said he sold a lot of so and so butt plugs. So not to be out done my buddy says that I’m looking for a pair of red size 12 pumps and the guy just says they have to be a special order.

You know what is also fun, go in the local video store and go in the xxx section and rip a couple of silent deadly ones, it’s the unspoken law that nobody talks or makes eye contact in the x section.

Dino }:-) ~

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