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My Penis Enlargement Vow

My Penis Enlargement Vow

I have decided to make a post, so no matter how discouraged, down, or upset I am about my gains or my life, I WILL make it to my goal! I ENCOURAGE YOU to do the same! (Post your GOAL! What YOU WANT!)

I 6goin47 vow to make my own dick 9”x7” as safely as possible, through the hardest times and the easiest times! No matter how discouraged I become, I will by the time I decease, have a 9”x7” dick. I WILL NOT take more than 6 months - 1 year off, unless due to (god forbid!) injury. I have promised to myself that I WILL do this! I ALWAYS keep my promises to myself! Especially THIS ONE!




Come on now! Your turn! ;)

My only #1 advice to newbies, take a picture of your dick and put it ona floppy. Many years later of PE you'll remember all the good times between then and now. ''There is a word for people who never stressed about the size of their penis — 'women'. '' Starting stats since Feb. 16, 2001 NBP: 5.7\'\' EG: 4.7\'\' Now on Aug. 8, 2003 NBP: 7.75\'\' EG: 5.3\'\'~5.5\'\'

That sound like somthing that i can do.

My 9 inches are coming!!

I vow that I won’t quit until I reach my goal =). No breaks either. But then I’m so close to it hehe.

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