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My new routine. Is it sound?

My new routine. Is it sound?

Ok, I have just decided on what my workouts will consist of for the next few months or so.

5 minute warm cloth
25 minute manual stretching (straight down for 10 minutes and then behind the leg for 15, or something to that effect)
15-25 minutes of hard, 3-5 second jelqs
5-10 cool-down

Ps I will be doing my routine 3 days on 1 day off of stretching and day on day off for the jelquing…

Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can improve, or does this sound like a good sound workout?

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It’s basic. Not sure how long you’ve been working.

But I’d suggest using JAI stretches instead of reg manual stretching. It doesn’t take anywhere near as long and it’s the only kind of stretching that’s given me any growth. You might want to research all that. You will also find it a lot easier than pulling out your pud for that long (and less hazardous, too). Understand that a ton of injuries have occured with manual stretching. We had a bad spate of it over the summer here.

I’d also suggest 15min on jelqing working up about 5min a week to 25-30max. I personally can’t stand it for more than 20min or so.

The main reason I was going for a basic manual stretch is I find everything else too hard to understand. I don’t even know where to begin. I have also heard of people gaining up to an inch through one year’s time in only jelquing and limited stretching…

Want some candy?

I see your point. Well, I suppose you should start with the basic manual stretch, then. Just exercise caution.

About JAI...

I find it odd how only a small handful of members with threads in the Progress Reports forum have mentioned using and sticking with JAI for their gains.

Maybe not enough are into manual stretching at Thunder’s Place..

JAIs are the only exercise I’ve done which have caused my dick to actually hang lower (while flaccid obviously) 15 minutes after I’ve already finished my routine…which I perceive as indicators that small but steady length gains are being achieved.

Wonder why few mention using it…I’m sticking with it for at least 6 months and then checking out the results…

what is JAI ? thankS


I like JAI’s.

I do them on a regular basis.

You should also consider DLD Blasters.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

the way your penis is growing, Amigo, I think you like all the exercises and do them all, too! :)

I tryed them today and thay Work !


here we go

Well, I read over the JAI’s again, and decided I may just do some of those, and maybe try blasters after. SO, basically, all it is is pull your dick out for two seconds and release then keep repeating for the desired amount of time?

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Ya, 2 seconds then back off.

I dont release entirely, I think Johan stated something like that.

I vary them, straight out, V stretch, then A stretch. Seems to be effective. I do this after jelqing, and sometimes will do multiple sessions: jelq, stretch, jelq, stretch.

Go easy cowboy, if you’re apt to injure yourself, manual stretching is probably how you’ll do it. I speak from experience.

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