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My "New" Exercise


My "New" Exercise

I’ll get right to the point here. I’ve been doing these exercises for the last couple weeks and I feel I must share:

Grab your semi-erect dick in the OK grip just behind your glans and pull out, but not extremely hard!! Now while still stretching out, dig in as far into the base a humanly possible with an OK grip. Now kegel in as much blood while still feeling comfortable with NO PAIN and clamp with your base hand. So now you should be stretching and clamping your dick. I started off this very gently and have slowly increased the amount of pull and the amount of blood I’m trapping. I usual hold this for 60 seconds while quickly kegeling and trapping more blood every 15-20 seconds. I presently do a total of about 4 or 5 sets. I usually end my jelqing sessions with this, sometimes I’ll do 1 or 2 in the middle of a jelqing session as well - just depends on how I feel, or better yet, how my dick feels!

I’m not sure if I have overlooked another exercise which is the same or similar, but I’ll I know is I’m seeing and feeling good results. Please start of slowly and “listen” to your dick. I wouldn’t recommend this until you have PE’d for a little while.

Feel free to try, condemn, and rip-apart at your will!!

If I get this exercise right, it is a horse440. The only difference is how you applied the exercise. Horse440 starts off erect, while you start of semi-erect, but in the end, it is the same exercise. If I’m wrong, then I apologize, but keep up the good work.

Cool. I didn’t know a Horse440 was stretched :)

In a way, but the main stress is on girth. Your modified Horse440 might get you some more length too, and if it does, give me a shout and I’ll try it.

I believe a Horse440 is when you clamp then “compress” from your glans down to “pump” your shaft up. This is different. You stretch while clamping in a sense. Unless I have the Horse440 wrong???

Horse440 is when you squeeze from glans and base to pump up the shaft. Then you kegel more blood in, and repeat. Some people stretch it, others don’t. It is a variant.

haha, I’ve been doing something similar for a while but haven’t figured out how to describe it. You did a good job. It’s very different from a horse 440 because a horse is a compressing, girth-focused exercise and I think this thing your doing can benefit length and girth. It’s very important though to do it as you described. stretch the head and shaft way out with one hand, then with the other grip around the base as far in towards the abdomen as possible, using an overhand OK grip, where the thumb and index finger are facing your body. Tighten the grip. You’ll feel the stuff right where the ligs attach to the abdominal wall getting pulled. It doesn’t have quite the same effect if the penis is too erect. I don’t know how much it helps, but I also then close the hand that’s gripping the base very tightly around my shaft. If you do that with the dick stretched out, it feels like the tuncia near the base are getting stretched.

This becomes a good girth exercise when you have a more erect dick — like 75% to 100%. Grab as far into the base as possible and tighten the grip, sadsak like, closing the rest of your fingers around the shaft. I then take my thumb and index finger of my other hand, again, like sadsak, and pinch just below the glans.

Anyway, I think you’re on to something here. Keep experimenting.

Two factors that are important:

1. You need to hold this for at least 30-40 seconds. - I’m up to around 60 seconds now. I will slowly increase the time and note any positive/negative observations.

2. Your stretch intensity. Start light and slowly increase your pull as you progress. You need to know your dick and pay attention!!!

Also, the only areas you actually squeeze are your OK grips. There is no shaft squeezing involved.

Now I’m confused. No shaft squeezing? I thought squeezing at the base and glans would be squeezing the shaft.

You are right. Well, I meant your thumb and finger in the two OK grips are only where you squeeze. No mid-shaft squeezing :)

Ok, thnx for clearing that up

Originally Posted by haha
I believe a Horse440 is when you clamp then “compress” from your glans down to “pump” your shaft up. This is different. You stretch while clamping in a sense. Unless I have the Horse440 wrong???

That’s the way horse described it, and that’s my understanding of it.

But in the end, gains are all that matters. Keep us posted, I’m interested to hear of any length or girth results from this. I’ve just read this, so I haven’t given it much thought, but it does seem to present an unusual situation of actually stretching the tissues while they’re pressurized. So, loosely, it seems to include both traction & impaction.

This might work (or I might just be rambling).

This is almost exactly like an exercise that the RedZulu guy on MOS has in his girth E-book. Only, he does says it can also be done more effectively with a clamp on to keep the blood in. Otherwise, it is the same. He says that you can also (very carefully!) push forwards on the glans and pull backwards on the glands, so that the shaft bends. This gives a real good stretch on the tunica. I believe he calls this exercise the TOW (tug of war).

Current: 8.0-8.25 BPEL (7.25 NBPEL) x 5.0 EGMS

Goal: 9x6 NBPEL

Oh yeah, and it can also be done when hard. This is when you must be most careful when doing the bending part.

Current: 8.0-8.25 BPEL (7.25 NBPEL) x 5.0 EGMS

Goal: 9x6 NBPEL

I would like to mention you should not start this exercise 100% hard. Please start your stretch at around 50-70% erect only.

HERE IS THE TRICK: Once you are comfortable holding a good stretch while say 60% erect, you start kegeling blood in while still holding the SAME stretch. I kegal than clamp, kegal than clamp, kegal than clamp, than clamp tight and hold for 60 seconds. I also recommend not using a clamp because it is easier to manipulate the pressure with your fingers. Trust me, you will feel it when you do it!!

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