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My "New" Exercise


I have read about the horses and haha’s exercise and I must say they seem like two different exercises to me! The difference is between compressing together (horses) and stretching (haha’s).

I will try this one, I will also try it with some light twisting (don’t know why, I just like to twist and shout - like we did last summer).

Sorry that was lame, lol.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

I realised that my lame pun spiced two seperate songs together, didn’t realise at the time. Not that you all care anyway, haha.

Thanks for the exercise haha, Also like to mention again… Be gentle at first!!!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

It looks like a great exercise, let us know your results! And keep letting wander your creativity!

My flaccid hang during the day has never been better!! I’ve also gained 1/8” in erect length and slight increase in girth. Monday I will do some official measurements after a day off on Sunday. The last 2 days I’ve held the last couple sets almost 2 minutes, I think my hands have gained in size as well:)

I believe these compliment my jelqing/stretching sessions very nicely. The odd time I get to erect while jelqing, I throw my “ha hold” (had to name it something) on for about 30 seconds, which allows me to continue jelqing afterwards.

So as it stands, my routine is something like this:

BTC stretches
V and fulcrum stretches
Mr. Orange bends
Jelqing (I mix in a couple ha holds)
End session with ha holds and “light” stretching

I do not time myself, but go by feel.

Please give any feedback for those of you that may be testing these out.

Do them Mr. Orange bends seem to be working? Was reading about that the other day. Don’t quite understand how to do it. I think my dick looks bigger too but I aint making that official just yet!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Well, I feel this is now important enough to bring back to life…

Since I’ve been doing this exercise, I can now admit that these “holds” have gained me approx .25” in girth. I haven’t done anything except stretch, jelq, and “holds”. If I remember, a few guys may have tried these and I would like to hear any positive and negative feedback?? I initially gained some girth using the newbie routine, but that slowed, now I’m gaining once again..

I usually do these in between my jelqing every 2 minutes, and I end with a long hold. So far, so good!!

Good luck and Happy Gaining!


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