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My new beneficial routine

My new beneficial routine

I’ve researched and this seems the most beneficial.

5 mins warm wrap
30 secs each stretch left,right,center under cheek/left,r,c straight out/l,r,c straight up
5 min clamp
5min jelq
5 min clamp
5 min jelq
5 min clamp
5 min jelq

5 min warm down

I’m also going to incorporate uli’s day and night a couple random times, and hanging in the am. (Normal routine is at night).

Is this ok?

How long have you been doing PE?

Uli’s are better when done every other day.

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2 1/2 months

Any gains?

Nope, but my clamped girth goed from 4.7 to about 5.2! So hopefully soon it’ll stay that way.

As to frequency, I tend to err on the side of watching for negative PIs. Stretching is something I consider that can be done every day with little impact. Jelqing for me is almost every day, but when negative PIs start to creep in I take a day off. For example, the initial formation of blood blisters (unlike many starting, I started over again and have a pretty strong grip; it’s quite easy to grip too hard for me at this stage) or inability to achieve a full throbbing erection.

Ulis follow the same rules, but more extreme; I’m far more likely to take a day off from Ulis.


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Imasleep, looks like a rather intense routine for someone who is just 2.5 months in the PE business.

But then again, only you can know what is best. Just remember, a routine that looks good on paper my not be as good in practice. Listen to your penis, that is most important.

Should I take out the clamping and incorporate hanging instead? How much is suggested then?

You haven’t been a member for a full three months yet. If you don’t want an injury I suggest you listen to the other members who are tellling you to BACK OFF on the routine. Your own body is telling you to back off. Listen to it, or get hurt, your choice. But don’t come whining when you do get hurt and expect sympathy after being told that what you are trying to do is too much.

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Yeah I’m trying to back out, that’s why I want to hang instead of clamp, I hear it’s better for this time. Any advice?

Just jelq and stretch for a couple more months son get to know your penis and do not be in a hurry to make it bigger

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