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My Jelqing methond

My Jelqing methond

This has been discussed a lot, but everyone knows that a lower erection level jelq will typically give you more length and a higher erection level jelq will get you more girth. Just curious as to how most of you tend to jelq.

Instead of me bothering to get ol’ lil mr happy up to a 60% erection or whatever, I Just started to jelq 100% flaccid and slowly work my way up as I naturally get an erection. I know it probably doesnt do much for me, but does anyone else ever jelq with absolutely no erection?

I kind of like it better that way because i can see all the blood going into it slowly making it bigger. I feel more like im building something in my hands as I jelq. ahhaha. Plus I figured its a good way to get a little bit of both worlds for length and girth. So from now on I don’t waste time getting an erection before I start, I just dive right in and slowly build him. Any ideas on this at all, or am I the only weirdo that does it this way?

I do the same thing and I have had great results, check out my thread ; Thank you everyone

I find it more mentally satisfying this way. Its like im not really getting hard, but im just forcing so much blood that its getting bigger without being aroused to the point where it is almost as big as if it were erect, but with a more malleable feel to it.

Personally, I always jelq over 50%. Anything that works for you continue doing it.

Thats the problem, I don’t know if its working. But thats why I like this method; I start with nothing, but incorporate almost every % erection into it and a few minutes in I am jelqing at around 50% as well.

I tend to jelq almost always at a 80-100% erection level.

Okish, probably thats why you end up bleeding in your sessions? (Suggestion)

Hung, how about this, if you are like me and time your sessions, whack off a bit to get it up use porn or imaginatiion if necessary, then start timing whe nyou reach the level where you want to start. If you don’t time your sessions but count the number of jelqs then, hmmm, continue what you are doing, but when you reach at 50%+start counting provided that what you do doesn’t take up much time. This should produce more quality jelqs. So say for example you have 200 jelqs to do. And by the way you jelq it takes about 60-120jelqs to get to 50%, you only have about 80-140 quality jelqs but using my suggested method you would have about 200 good quality jelqs. It’s all up to you.

That’s my 2 cents


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