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my hot wrap

my hot wrap

Hello All,

I wanted to let you know about the hot wrap that I like to use for a warm up. The idea came from a barley or rice filled hot patch that folks can microwave for use on sore muscles.

I’m using a pair of ladies’ stockings (sorry if it sounds kinky), where I’ve knotted off the legs leaving a sort of bowl where a woman’s butt would go. This bowl I filled up with some barley grains (you could use rice too) and tied another knot at the waist to keep it all in there. It looks like a small pillow with two long “legs”.

Chuck it in the microwave for a minute and it gets quite hot, especially on the inside. I wrap my penis with the pillow, and tie it on using the legs. First I wrap them around the package with my penis inside, then I tie it around my waist. I do this while I’m brushing my teeth at night, before my p.e. session.

The warmth lasts much longer than a wet washcloth; it may even still be warm when you want to cool down!

Anyway, I hope that’s fun for some of you to try. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

Later, Christian

dancerdc nice to meet you,

Using a sock filled with rice and microwaving it is a pretty well known method of hot wrapping.

This is from the FAQ (well worth a read).


Sock full of rice. Take a sock, and put 1/2 to 1 cup of uncooked rice (straight out of the box) in it. Tie sock or sew it together. Place in microwave (time varies depending on how much rice you put in your sock and on your microwave). This is every bit as effective as the washcloth, and you don’t get wet.

Originally posted by memento
dancerdc nice to meet you,

Using a sock filled with rice and microwaving it is a pretty well known method of hot wrapping.

But this might be a huge improvment over a sock. I think it’s far more valuable info than you are giving credit. This exact method has never been mentioned in a FAQ, or on these forums that I’m aware of. A sock filled with rice isn’t hands-free, this is. Heck, he brushes his teeth while hot-wrapping.

Not trying to be critical, just to point to the fact that others use the technique. Its often helpful to know others are doing the same thing.

With the tying off at the waist thing Bib mentions using the waistband of shorts for this and I’ve read a few hanger talking about keeping a ricesock or heating pad attached above the hanger during hanging. I use a gel heat thingumy wrapped around whilst stretching to much the same effect.

oops, shoulda read the FAQ

Thanks for pointing out that this is in the FAQ; I’ve gotta have a look in there for whatever other great info is collected here.

It is a nice advantage to be able to wrap up in the thing and be able to tie it off, for anyone who feels like trying it out.

Besides it feels so good! Last night I didn’t want to take it off, but maybe that’s just because the bathroom is so cold : )

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