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My head is white, and other news

My head is white, and other news

Hello all,
I have been back at it for 2 weeks. I have noticed a few things during that time. Before I get into that I will tell you a few things about myself(I have posted in the past under the controlled routines). I have always felt inadequate about my penis size. I have been teased as being gay. Which I am not gay .So needless to say having intercourse with a woman I have always felt that she was thinking I was small. An odd thing happened to me over the course of the years. I transferred my feelings for wanting to have a large penis, to becoming aroused by the sight of large penises. I found myself hard to get excited by women unless I was I having sexual relations with them .What used to be so very easy to get aroused by just the thought of a woman, and the sight has now become so very hard, even while trying to have sex. There were numerous times that it was very hard for me to get erect. I have learned over time that when I was very comfortable with the woman I had no problems with an erection. Compound this by suffering a back injury I believe may have played a part in my dysfunction. I cannot be sure. I have had scans done, and they have come back negative. I have decided to take back my sexuality. I want to revel in it. I want love myself no matter the size I am. I have stopped watching porn, and have started doing some visualization exercises retuning myself with my friend the penis, and my desire for women. It has only been a little more than a week, but already I feel better. I have yet to have an erection during the day. I almost never get them unless I am yawning. Yes yawning. If I yawn a lot I get aroused? Can anyone help tell me why this is? I have been depressed for a long time as well. I think this has had a direct effect on my sex drive. I pretty much don’t have a sex drive unless I rev up the engine so to speak. By watching porn, or initiating sex.
I am taking Virility Pills but I haven’t noticed any difference with sex drive.
I have been taking them for almost 2 months now. I am wondering how I can increase my sex drive? I would prefer to stay away from anti-depressant drugs, and such. Try to do this by natural means.

After I finished my routine tonight. I measure myself. I was amazed my what it read. I was 6.75 inches the day before, and tonight I have reached 1/8th more. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took several readings, and at my strongest erection it read
6 .7/8th inches EBPL. God I hate fractions.
My girth is 4.5 inches.
Flaccid size 4.5
Flaccid girth 3.25
Which when I compare to when I first started a few months ago.
flacid: 4.15 inches
f.girth: 3.15
BPEL: 6.62
girth: 4.37
I took a little break that’s why I said it has been 2 weeks now. I will really believe it is working when I hit 7 inches erect. That is my short-term goal.
I will then know I am really growing, and that no amount of maneuvering of the ruler got me there. I have been reading many of the posts to educate myself on this subject. I have noticed that after my stretches. When I go into my jelqs. The head of my penis is sort of white. I have to masturbate for a bit like 10 minutes to get an erection. I feel I need to flush the area with blood so I can jelq. When I jelq the head of my penis should be red. Here is my current routine.
Warm up (hot wrap)10-20 minutes
Stretches 15 30-second stretches I do different kind of stretches. DLD (BTW DLD you are a god! I have enjoyed your contributions to the forum immensely, as well as many others!) Blaster I believe. It’s the one with penis over the left wrist while pivoting the wrist to stretch the lag. Then I do the normal pull out, and stretch from body, cranks, and then the fulcrum stretch I believe it’s called. I do a total of 15 of these, not 15 of each.
I then do 200-250 jelqs at 70% erected
15 squeezes with 10 5-second kegals in between each squeeze. My kegals total to about 80 right now.
I end this with a 10-20 minute hot wrap.
I do this as a 2 on 1 off routine.
My routine will take about an hour and a half all together.
also I have these red small veins. Is this normal? I have had them for as long as I can remember.

I would like to work on maintaining my erections so they stay longer? What can I do for this? I have to constantly keep myself stimulated or my erection will quickly fade. Any advise here?

I will do my best to keep everyone informed on my progress. I am very excited. I would love to gain more girth. I look forward to your comments, and thank you in advance.


Okay for your arousal and erection problem, try tribules its a suppliment that bodybuilders use to raise natural testosterone levels,its also used as a viagra alternative you can get it from any heath shop, it should do the trick.Also try doing PC exersices they will also help with erection strength and freaquency so they say, iv been doing them for the past few days and found that they do help.Stoping or cutting down on watching porn could also help if your exesivly watching, the porn may have desensitized you.Stress and depression can ause impotense, Try doing some exersice 3 or more times a week and get healthy its good for dealing with stress.Wanting and thinking that women think your small has got to do with confidence and self esteem, its all in your head as long as you have more than 5 inches shes not going to think your small.

All the best.

Thanks Jelqking,
I should state that I lift religiously 4 times a week. My body fat has dropped 2% in the last 2 weeks. Normally I am around 10% Bodyfat, but because of a injury I sustained over the summer it shot up to 18.9%. I already take 120 mgs of Trib from the Virility Pills. How much should I be taking? Thanks for your reply.


Its good your doing the weight training but its not doing much for your stress, cardiovascular exercise is what going to make feel good.i.e jogging walking and bike riding.

125mg is not enough try about 500mg a day, the trib i take has 312mg per captual i take it twice dayly just remember to cycle off it.No suppliment should be taken continuously with the exeption of vitamines and protein.

new stats:
Flacid girth: 4.5
Flacid length:5.5
EG: 5

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