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my girth work isn't paying off...?


my girth work isn't paying off...?

I’m at 7.5BP x 4.75 girth.

So I have been doing only girth workouts because that is where I’m lacking. I have been using a cable clamp and doing bends/squeezes. I get erect, then clamp off and start the workout.

I release the clamp and allow fresh blood to circulate every couple of minutes.

When I first put it on I measure the pumped girth and it is about 5.0 (vs 4.75 without the clamp). I do squeezes and bends until it is 5.25 pumped with the clamp on (.25 more than it is when starting). This takes about 15 minutes + or -. It may not sound like much of a pump but this routine is pretty intense and usually leaves a least a little bit if not a lot of bruising and red dots. So I know that the intensity is there.

I do this 5-7 days per week and have been doing it for about 5 months. I mean it is a LOT of work. And I have stayed with it consistently. I try to eat healthy and everything too.

But I have literally not gained at all and in fact when I measured today after a 2 day break, it appears as if I have even lost a tiny bit of girth :( No length gain either.

There’s got to be a way. I’m never going to give up. Ever. If I have to do it for 10 years to gain an 1/8 of an inch I will…but I would love to see results sooner so if anyone has any advice let me know.

Oh I forgot to mention that I have squeezed it to get more than a .25 increase but it seems like at that point it is mainly fluid build up. So I only squeeze it to get what I consider a “legitimate” increase in girth.

>I do this 5-7 days per week and have been doing it for about 5 months. I mean it is a LOT of work. And I have stayed with it consistently. I try to eat healthy and everything too.<

Hmm this could be the problem. A lot of the good girth gainers have worked a 1 on 1 off program with the heavier exercises. Whether that would work for you is another question.

What memento said, you should maybe try 1 on 1 off, or you could just do less intense workouts, try extended heating sessions.

Use a mildly damp heat source, like a rice sock, on your tunica before and during your girth workout.

I’m 7.4BP x 4.6”ish so I know where you are coming from with the whole girth thing (mine looks like a pencil).

I hit it very hard for two months and saw little gain until I took a break. From that point on I decreased the intensity of my routine a little. I will see how it goes.

Extended heating sessions won’t hurt; nor will some dry jelqing in between sets.

I have yet to try the 1-on 1-off approach, but dammit I’m addicted to clamping (this could be your problem as well).

Whatever you decide to do, keep posting and let us know the outcome.

Wow, a long skinny dick. I should be so lucky.

I agree with all the above. More heat, and more rest. This kind of girth work is really hard on your dick; it is probably shriveling a little from the trauma. Take at least a 48-hour break at the end of every week where no girth work is done whatsoever. Also, what kind of wrap are you wearing beneath you cable clamps, and where on the shaft are you clamping? I suggest the TheraP mag-wrap wrapped very tightly as far back against the pubic bone as you can get it. Also place the first clamp as close to your body as you can without pinching the fat-pad. Jelq in blood till the head is tight and shiny but never wear the clamps for more than 10 minutes or until you feel tingling, whichever comes first. Be very vigilant, don’t wait for numbness or tingling, pop the clamps immediately if they begin to occur. After the session pop off all clamps and wrap, jelq in fresh blood and reapply the mag-wrap, but not as tightly. Wear it continually to facilitate faster healing but not as tight as when doing the Ulis. Especially wear the mag-wrap during your weekend rest period gently applied. I would normally recommend the lead weight ADS but sounds like you have some pretty good length going on and the wearing of weights at this point may only slow girth gains, just as intense girth work slows length gains. Also, in between your clamping sessions heat and jelq. I like to Fowfer on a heating pad.

If all else fails, try vacuum pumping.

Good luck

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No Nukes

I never see any gains unless I do ~ 1 hour of girth work per day, 6 days a week. I get one 48 hour rest period and then I am back at it.

The key to girth is still a mystery to me.

Apart from my newbie gains, I’ve gained girth from:

1) Two-handed squeezes on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday routine. I picked up 1/16” during the first few weeks. After continuing it for a couple months I didn’t gain any more but only got some moderately bad discoloration.

2) From hanging after the above routine. I switched over to hanging but continued some easy girth work (a few squeezes here and there along with some wrapping) and gained length and a little girth.

3) After a long period of deconditioning I gained some girth from prolonged, mild expansion. I wore a cock ring and edged, pumped, and did other low-intensity stuff in an attempt to stay expanded as long as possible each day. Again, the gain occurred during the first few weeks. I increased the intensity as time went on with no further progress.

Lately I’ve been taking a different tact, doing several sessions of EU’s almost every day along with periods of staying wrapped for girth. It’s a higher intensity version of the prolonged expansion model. I’ve been heating during the EU sets.

My discoloration has recently worsened greatly. I took 4 days off. My dick became darker during the short break. I’ve had this happen before. I’m guessing that daily PE serves to help flush out the debris from prior sessions. When you stop the byproducts of decomposed blood cells are no longer being flushed out. They stay in situ and basically “rust” over a few days to a week.

Today was my first day back, and the temporary bruising/darkening is incredible after only 2 EU sets. Right now the middle of my dick is dark purplish black and looks completely out of place on a white guy. This is another mystery. Why are we so much more susceptible to spots and bruising after only a few days off? It seems the skin becomes almost hypersensitive to PE after a short rest.

Your situation sounds very similar to mine. Although I haven’t been doing an intense girth routine like you for 5 months, I have been PEing for almost 4 months and have gained little to no real girth. I might be getting some base girth since I started hanging but that’s also debatable. I seem to get length without a problem, but girth which I want more seems almost impossible to come by. Your description of what happens when you clamp sounds identical to mine. Just like you I’m trying to figure out what to do, so if you find something that begins to work please post back.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

I’m trying to apply what works for hanging to girth. I’ve built up the duration and intensity over the ~2 months I’ve been at this. The past 3 weeks or so have been pretty intense. I’ve done as many as 10 EU sets in a day, but that was only once. Most recently it’s usually 7-8 sets spread between two sessions, plus varying amounts of time wrapped for girth - anywhere from 30-180 minutes daily. It depends on how much fluid I’m retaining from the EU sessions.

When wrapping for girth I vary the wrap tightness. Sometimes I’ll use it as basically an EU where every 6-8 minutes I have to loosen and squeeze the blood out, then re-engorge. Other times I’ll wrap loose enough that I have to keep fluffing to maintain engorgement. Often it’s somewhere in between, being tight enough that I need to periodically pull the wrap forward as I squeeze the blood out, yet loose enough I don’t have to unwrap to do it.

On most EU sets at the 5-6 minute mark I loosen the clamp slightly, get a semi-erection, repeatedly pull the clamp backward while kegeling in more blood, and then retighten. One should be careful doing this because the pressure can be built high enough to make your eyes water and your asshole pucker.

I apply the Uli Thing at the very base for two reasons. First, I want girth over the whole shaft, so it makes sense to expand as much of it as possible. Second, as the tunica expands during a set the pressure can be better maintained by leaning forward slightly while sitting. As you bend forward or raise your legs the pubic bone pushes the Uli Thing up the shaft, increasing the pressure.

My workload is currently at the maximum my dick can handle. Apart from the now severe discoloration, the skin near my head is feeling itchy and irritated. Penismith experienced this too and warns not to let the irritation become too severe. Once past a certain point it takes a long time to heal. My 4 day break helped some, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to continue this routine due to the skin irritation. I say skin, but I think the underlying tissues are involved too.

If this approach doesn’t pan out I’ll either try some weighted EU’s or take a very long break from girth (many months) with the hope of gaining again after thoroughly deconditioning.

Any routine deserves a few months of effort before judging its effectiveness. However, doing the same thing at the same intensity and duration for many months or years despite no progress doesn’t make sense. Slow progress is fine, but if there is none or even a regression a different strategy is needed. I once spent 4 months stalled for length while manually stretching like a madman. (Yes, I was heating too.) At that point I seriously wondered if it was possible for me to pass the 6.5” BPEL barrier. Maybe that was all I could get out of PE? I only broke out of the rut when I changed gears and started hanging regularly.

Girth was stalled even longer. I was stuck at 4 5/8” midshaft for over a year, not from lack of effort. I tried various exercises, combinations of exercises, and schedules. I always got some good temporary expansion, but normal un-PE’d girth remained the same. Again I thought maybe that was all I could get from PE. I focused on length and ignored girth for quite a while. After making some decent length gains I returned to girth by experimenting with cock rings, edging and wrapping. Long periods of low intensity expansion produced a permanent 1/8” gain. I was elated to discover it was possible to gain more. Not easy, and I don’t know the trick, but possible under the right conditions - whatever they are.

So, hold out hope while you try to hit on the right thing at the right time to progress. Maybe one day we’ll know more about the physiology involved and can devise a reliable strategy. Until then, keep experimenting.

It’s probably only a coincidence, but I notice the 4 of us who have posted about our stubborn girth in this thread are all about the same size.

I am no expert, but I have been clamping for a while, here are my 2 cents, take them for what it’s worth.

1. Warm up
2. Get hard. Watch porn or whatever.
3. Wrap
4. Keagle Blood in.
5. Clamp tight
6. Stay HARD and Keagle.
7. Stay clamped for 20 minutes. Let your penis really fill up. I think releasing the clamp every few minuts doesn’t allow the blood to really engorge the cells. My opinion.
8. Once my penis was used to this routine, I added some of the following while clamped:
8a. Dry jelqs
8b. Erect bends (very careful with these).
8c. Multiple squeezes with hands.

Anyway, just what I have done in the past. I am sure it’s not right for everyone. Try to find what works for you.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Great comments guys. No magic solutions but some good suggestions to try and good to hear that others are in the same boat. Like I said, I’ll never give up.

Do you always have to kegel as often as possible while clamping?

I don’t kegal all the time, but definately before I clamp down and enough to try and force blood in when I am clamped.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

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