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My Girlfriend's view on Penis Size

Luvdadus hit the nail on the head.

When I say that “she likes what I have” I mean she likes it visually and I guess she like its size from the feel in her hand. However like Uncut4big said, she or i will never know what she actually “likes” until we do have sex.


also look at

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanx, you are “the man”, in more ways than one.

Look forward to getting the routine.


Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"

I’m doing it for me too

Don’t know where to start - I have a weird size.
NBPEL = 4.5”
BPEL = 7.2”
EG = 5.9”
I weight 237lbs, 5’9”
I guess my fat pad is almost as long as my dick!!
I would like 6.5” NBPEL and maybe 6.5”-7”EG

I think my wife would not notice - then again maybe I’m wrong!


Wow, you bumped a really old thread.

Here is the PE that I think you should do: begin exercising, and loose weight, like about 50 pounds.
You’ll then probably have about 6,5 NBP easily, especially if you support this with some stretching.

If 5,9 EG is your pre PE stat, then I think you can get 6,5 fairly easy.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

I think you should just do maintenance and health routines for now until you actually have sex with your girlfriend. I had the same sort of deal going on with me and my girlfriend after we had been dating for 2 years and not having sex. I had done some PEing during the two years and by the time we had sex I was 8x5.5; I found that the girth was not the problem but the length was. I constantly have to be careful not to hit her cervix and wall as it hurts her a lot. You could maybe continue for girth but length is another issue. OF course this also depends on how tall your girl is ect. Mine is only 5 foot 1 and 104 pounds. Your girlfriend most likely does think you are perfect because she as stayed with you for 3 years, and she knows you are respectful of her because you have waited. I would honestly say in a committed loving relationship size doesn’t’t matter. I still get comments from my girlfriend about my size some days she’ll say things like “wow, it looks really long today”. Or the one why I say you should not try to grow anymore “did you get bigger again” with a scared look on her face. Any way your penis is not the only thing you should be using to pleasure your partner so I wouldn’t’t worry about it. Women are 85% mental when it comes to sex, they have to be mentally turned on or you’re not going to succeed in making her orgasm no matter what you do.

Erect Length 8.500 inches , Erect Girth5.700 inches, Flaccid Length 5 inches, hang Flaccid Girth 4.2 inches, Erect Width 1.814 inches,

Erect Volume 21.977cubic inches


Just to let you know, you’re replying to a seven year old post. :)

My picture thread;

Geetarman's first pic

The hernia operation I don’t think is such a hinder. I should know I been PEing for a bit, and the only thing a hernia surgery has caused for it is discomfort, but nothing more.

Am gonna post a survey from another (non pe) site a frequent, if the mods want to move it that’s fine - but the question was asked outright about size and what women considered about it.. People might consider it relevant here.

I’ve seperated the comments from different people by ***********, and I’ve removed any references to the people that post.

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Penis Size

Does it matter? Would you tell a guy that he is small? What’s biggest and smallest you’ve seen or had?

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Well, let’s go down this well traveled path again.

For me, the answers are: Yes, Yes, and OMG! to What a shame.

“It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” “Yes, but it will take you forever to get to England in a rowboat.”

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Yes it matters, but not very much. The two gentlemen I’ve had relationships with who were small enough that it genuinely made a difference had no need to be told, and they had each honed their skills as lovers to the point of art and beyond. I don’t believe I’ve had sex with OMG! but I’ve certainly enjoyed some Goodness Gracious!

OMG is also very skillful, thank the goddess. Takes some prepwork to be ready for that. ;)

For me, no, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the man in question isn’t tiny and does know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t tell a guy that he was small because I can’t see how it would be constructive. I’d rather make comments that would make the experience better for both of us.

Mostly I’ve seen varying degrees of average, with one or two that were larger than average. I haven’t encountered OMG! but would be interested to do so.

The most memorable penis for me, in terms of just the penetrative sex, was about 8” long but not thick enough to be in the OMG! category. However, it had a curve to it that meant it reached places that others just don’t! The owner was also quite energetic and enthusiastic which meant the encounter was firmly cemented in my memory for a few days afterwards! (Mostly in good ways, although peeing blood for 3 days afterwards was a little alarming at the time!)

That said, good sex to me is a heck of a lot more than inserting Tab A into Slot B, so to speak, so the penetrative part is only a part of the equation. That’s the main reason that size doesn’t matter to me, as long as the rest is good.

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Does it matter?


Would you tell a guy that he is small?

Not unless he was blind and without arms and asked. Most guys are well aware of their size (even those who exaggerate) without being told.

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If it’s hard, I’d rather have sex then run downstairs to grab a ruler so I’ve never measured. I will say that my Master has a penis that’s on the smaller size. It’s never been an issue for him and plenty of women have always kept coming back for more.

I don’t see any need to TELL a man that his penis is small.
He probably already knows. If he asks…I will be honest.

The smallest I’ve had was about the diameter of my pinky finger,
but shorter. I think it was a birth defect. All four of my sons
had bigger than that when they were BORN! That didn’t work for me.

The largest had a head on it that was larger than my fist… and
I have large hands. That one was just as unworkable as the tiny one.

Size matters, but it is only one of many important variables.

I prefer really big penises, but a man that I genuinely like,
no matter his penis size, who likes me, will probably satisfy me
better than a man who has a big dick, but no brains or personality.

Then again…why would I be in bed with a man that I didn’t like?

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My cock changes in size. On a cold day after a swim in ice water it is tiiiiny.

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The only time it mattered was when it was about the size of my pinkie and the sex was crap.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t need me to tell him his dick was small.
Fiz Fiz: FetLife Support Badge 11 months ago

Remember, ladies, there are guys out there who get off on being told they are small. Even when they are average.

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Going back to my single days…

The biggest man is the one I have described as the worst lover I have had. I took a tape measure to bed with me the second time I went to bed with him, but since I was 22 at the time, I can’t remember the measurements. Not only was he long but the girth was unusual. I have big hands, and I couldn’t get my thumb/middle finger around him. I also couldn’t always fit him inside me, and that was a huge problem which he didn’t handle very gracefully, and shame on him for that because he was considerably older than I was and should have been considerate of a younger woman with limited experience. He was a selfish lover. I think he thought that the fact that he had “a lot to offer” in the penis department meant he didn’t have to offer anything in the technique department. God works in mysterious ways because he’s impotent now.

The smallest man may have been the tallest and heaviest, and no, I didn’t tell him. His penis probably looked smaller than it was because he was heavy, but it was still small. He was a very considerate lover, always making sure I had an orgasm before he did, so I remember my sexual relationship with him very positively. I was 24, and he was also considerably older than I was. Is there a pattern here?

In general, I don’t think size is nearly as important as a combination of the relationship, the chemistry, and adequate technique for what someone needs.

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It matters, but not as much think it does. The only one I have seen that I would say was too small was a guy that I was going see casually right after my divorce. This was going to be nothing more than f*ck buddies, until I discovered that he was litterally only about 2 inches long when fully errect.

It simply did not satisfy me, and he had no other skills for back up.

Our first time together was our last.

He did ask me if it was because of his size and I was honest. But I did volenteer the information.

he had no other skills for back up

that’s about the only reason i can honestly answer to yes, size matters - if other skills play into it, then baby lets play!

I think mine may be small, so I usually go down instead of sex

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It does not matter at all, I am sure they have hands and a mouth and i have toys that will all work just fine. The largest I ever had was HUGE bout a foot long and 3 inch diameter and frankly was TOOO big. Smallest about the size of my thumb and actually receded into the man’s stomach and hid. My best was about 7.75 and 2.25 and fits like we were made in the same mold. Also i have found that guys who are exceptionally large tend to not be very good at much other than pounding away with it anyway.

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It tends to matter far more to bi-sexual men than it does to the majority of women. Perhaps OP is barking up the wrong tree?

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It is important to me to the degree that I can actually feel him when he is in me. I prefer bigger ones as I enjoy the streaching and a bit of pain upon entry.

The smallest I ever had was my son’s father. Amoung other problems this and his total lack of other sexual skills…or the interest to learn, led to us only being plationic friends for the past 20 years. (hey, I still like the guy’s sense of humor and he’s got a great mind, just totally clueless in the sack!)

The biggest was a casual friend I had known for 10 years before things lined up in a way we could be together sexually. WOW!!! OMGGGGGG!!! Porn stars cry….and so do most of his partners. Wonderful, took a lot of time with foreplay and getting me totally wet and begging for it..and it STILL hurt like a son of a bitch! He will tell you that even at age 53 parts of him are still virgin…it all just won’t fit!

The main difference was the care taken in developing other sexual skills to compinsate for what could be a bad experience otherwise. Mr. OMG took the time to learn more than just waving it around…my tiny ex never did.

Now the BEST? My husband(s). …the first, who was himself much larger than average (porn star material himself) and while we were young and clumsy sometimes, he was eager to learn and explore it all with me.
My beloved husband today….bigger than average (and I have been doing a rather informal study of the male member for the past 30+ years lol), and loves exploring with his kitty wife as well. Yum!

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Does it matter?

Yes. It does matter.

Would you tell a guy that he is small?

Should I have to? Don’t you think he’d know if he was small or large?

What’s biggest and smallest you’ve seen or had?

I can’t say that I’ve ever bothered to measure. I can say that my first husband was average and my Master/husband is rather small. I’ve seen some huge ones in porno flicks but never in person, thank God. I’ve no desire to be impaled.

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OH! I forgot!
“would I tell a guy that he is small?”
Well…sure! That is if he had misrepresented himself as “large” on his profile.

Many men do and there is no way you can convince me a man goes thru his entire life not realizing he is not “LARGE”.

So.. liars…not gonna play with one, period. And if he lies about something so easily disproven, what the hell else is he being dishonest about?…his martial status? his HEALTH status? Not willing to take a chance.

And why would a guy lie about this bewilders me…I mean if size/girth is something I am upfront about seeking…and it happens that way sometimes…why lie? Does he REALLY think I;ll just shrug and say “no proplem that you lied, I’ll just hop into b ed with yoou anyway???

If I was really a man and he said he only dated women would he still go thru with it when it became apparent I had lied about this?

So, yes I will tell a guy he is small….if he had lied about being well endowed. Otherwise that is not the reason I am meeting with him and getting naked with him so it don’t matter.

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Does it matter? Yes. On this topic though, I’m a female but I would venture to guess that vagina size matters as well? Why does nobody ever talk about it? lol

Would you tell a guy that he is small? I was once with a guy who had a rather small one (particularly the girth made it seem rather small) and I did not say anything. I’m sure he knew though. Getting off topic, but it felt like a finger in me. Luckily, I like a finger in me, lol!

What’s biggest and smallest you’ve seen or had? Biggest was not big enough to hurt or be uncomfy.

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does size matter yes kind of …. the truth is if a guy is too small its not going to get me off by fucking me! If its too big it can be uncomfortable, if its too big around and too long its hard to suck — the length I can work with I figured out my gag reflex problem, but I have a smaller mouth and most men don’t want too many teeth marks on their cocks.
If a man is good enough to be in bed with me, I hope he’s not a selfish lover, but there are selfish people and ignorant people as well, its not their fault they seem to have been born this way, but if they wanna step up their game a bit, its nice:)
I wouldn’t out and out say its small, I’d probably say its the perfect size for sucking. If you as a man have been told that its a nice size for sucking, you’re probably on the small side of average.
the biggest I ever had was a guy that looked similar to a beer can, but a bit longer, I totally flipped out, it wouldn’t fit in anything that belonged to me, although he gave it a valliant effort! we had fun
The smallest, probably wasn’t that small before he was 150 pounds over weight and lost more than and inch due to the pubic mound engulfing his dick in fat! We couldn’t have sex either…. his belly and his dick couldn’t make a triangle of even doggy style work… it just was mission impossible.
I gave him a blowjob… that didn’t take long! hehehe

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XXXXX had a good point!
Vagina size matter too. I have a favorite FL play partner (patchcord)who is so big that no matter how we try, he just is too damn big. I’ve actually had to tell guys “Im sorry but that cock is simply NOT going to fit inside of me!” and offer alternatives.

Sure, being snug is great and all, it makes every man feel huge (and boosts his ego), but seriously, who wants to be torn asunder, have to explain to the gyno, yet again, why you need stitches, and than wait weeks to heal before having sex again? Its just not worth it.

I’ve only been with one guy that was so small I wondered if he was even in me.But then, like others have said, men with small dicks know it, and they usually make up for it with EXCELLENT technique in other areas. :p

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well “penis” size does not matter much to Me, but I am Lesbian, although “toy” size can be a major turn on or off, depending on the mood, situation and needs at that time, I was however married to a man for 20 years and he had no issues with size (13 hard) but the problem was he didnt know how to use what he had, I dont think size matters as much as knowledge of what your doing with what you have no matter if it is permanently attached or not.

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oh hell i would ….and i would not mean it as a insult …
but I would be so shocked ..cause well ..i have had only one in me ..if it was too small I would ask innocently
REALLY its IN ??? are you sure ??

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Size is very important to me- mostly because I can’t deal with substitution of oral/hand use; even if I have a couple of orgasms from said practice, I’m really not satisfied if I don’t get to feel a decent cock in me. Key word “decent” I don’t need huge but I think I’ve discovered 6ish inches is my minimum- Never reached my maximum, but the biggest I’ve had was about 7.5.

As for telling guys about small dicks? No… But I did break it to someone that was bragging about nine inches. I told them I didn’t believe it, so I’d have to see, and then when he got it out and up for me, I laughed- I admit- and told him it was more like six, and that I didn’t appreciate him lying and it was a fine size he shouldn’t worry about.

to me size does matter a bit. Anything thats too thin and short wont get me off. It has to be at least 6 inches and about 1.5-2 inches across to feel good. thats my honest answer.

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Does it matter?
That’s like asking a guy if weight on a chick matters…

The question is HOW MUCH and in what way is it an issue.
I’m not skinny, not huge either - but i’ve got enough meat on me that he’s gonna have to “provide” A guy with a 3-4 inch dick is going to be nuzzling my inner thigh or labia but there won’t be penetration unless we really play with angles…and then there’s that “popping out” thing.

As for FEEL - I like them to be a bit thick. Thick is where the feeling is when it’s not having the cervix slammed.

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Would you tell a guy that he is small?
If he was unaware, an asshole, or delusional…yes

What’s biggest and smallest you’ve seen or had?
Biggest dimensions (not the same guy)
8.5 length
2.5 width

Smallest -
about 4 long about an 1.5 wide…maybe 2

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biggest was 10 long which hurt and about 2 thick
smallest was about 4.5 long and pretty thin too
sexy deff takes the cake on this one though haha poor guy!

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I agree with XXXXXXX that it has to fit in me and satisfy, but beyond that I have found that knowing how to drive the car is far more important than the size of the car. I’ve had phenomenal 5’s and horrible 8’s.

I would tell a guy that his penis was small if it was and he asked me. But if any man is comfortable with Whatever size he is, then I say don’t bring him down or mess with his head.

Smallest was as thin as my pinky and 2/3rds the size.
Largest was 11 and 3/4ths.

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Yes it does matter. There is too small…and believe it or not there is TOO big. Average 5-6 inches is fine…but when you get to the 10 inchers. Ouch!! That just plain hurts. Honestly I don’t care too much about length but I LOVE the thick ones!!

I’m sorry, the whiners who are complaining about big dick are just being nice to the insecure pleabs who will kiss their ass and then them divine for not mocking them. Honestly it’s a web of friggin lies.

Bigger is better than too damn short. A man who has a big dick can opt to insert all the way or not - rare is the circumstance where he’ll actually be TOO big. TOO short on the other hand, has no such save. Thigh humpers and bum bumpers = boring. It’s not everything, but it does matter. How much it matters? That depends on the broad.

Quit worrying about your dick size. If you’re worrying about things, then you’re not focusing on making her cum.

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Of course size matters…two of them: too big and too small. But if you are a good lover and she’s having orgasms (note the plural) most women will make allowances for your dick.

I have told a man that he had a teenie tiny weenie. Awwww, isn’t it cuuuute? lol But then I did it because I knew that that sort of humiliation turned him on. I don’t participate in non-consensual humiliation, that would be rude.

Biggest? I once fucked a man who was too thick to take in my mouth….omg! Like 7” circumference. That was fun as a treat, but day in day out? I’d walk funny.

I dated a guy who was about 13” long when he was hard. It didn’t work out, not because his dick was too long. It came down to the fact that he couldn’t clearly communicate his sexual needs and it made him a frustrating lover.

************************************************** ******************************************8

Yes, it matters. Smallest was 4 inches, biggest was 10 inches or so. Honestly, I didn’t like either. The 4 inches was hard to feel (and I’m INCREDIBLY tight because my inside is built very small. Doctors actually thought I’d never be able to give birth naturally). The 10 inches was just uncomfortable. I love 7-8 inches. That’s perfect.

Size does not matter to me as long as he knows what he is doing. And no there is no need to tell a man that. N I am not one to measure, if it is hard it is being used and measuring it is furthest from my mind.

I have to say it does for me and that saddens me but at least I’m honest. He has to be big enough to feel. How small have I had? I didn’t measure but it wasn’t tiny, it was PUNY. The biggest? One guy that shall remain nameless…..I came immediately after 2 thrusts….it wasn’t the length, it was the GIRTH….memories…

************************************************** *********************************************8

my hand seems to like i like jacking and fiddling 6-7 inches while my cunt likes taking an upward curved 5-6 inches. for me, visual has always been a big factor and a toy that bobs around properly is the one for me. luckily for me most of the guys i chose to have sex with are in that range. bigger ones are…ouch, but doable =/ he can go in partially to save me unneeded pain or he can opt for anal because for some reason my ass can take the whoppers happily with a lotta squelchy lube. small at full erection is boring.

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A guy I picked up once had a cock the size of my pinkie.
I doubt he needed me to tell him it was small.
And yes, it mattered.

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

Understood TS - what’s the rule when the link is within a member’s only site?

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

Ts - Here’s the link - if it doesn’t work due to the Member’s only issue, please remove my survey post above.

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

I don’t believe all these quoted sizes. Interesting stories nevertheless.

Originally Posted by djrobins
I don’t believe all these quoted sizes. Interesting stories nevertheless.

Well, at least it’s proof that women are horrible at judging size. Highly doubtful all those women running around with guys packing 10”-13”.

Originally Posted by Grunter
I’m doing it for me too

Don’t know where to start - I have a weird size.
NBPEL = 4.5”
BPEL = 7.2”
EG = 5.9”
I weight 237lbs, 5’9”
I guess my fat pad is almost as long as my dick!!
I would like 6.5” NBPEL and maybe 6.5”-7”EG

I think my wife would not notice - then again maybe I’m wrong!


This would be a hell of an inspiration for weight loss. Losing 2.7 inches to fat pad is not acceptable.


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