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My Girlfriend said those lovely words...

Mr orange, found your thread the other day! Very interesting.

You still bee making good gains with it or have you stopped?

Or is this where you tell us that your gains were a joke and we have all been wasting our time! Haha.

I have pretty much laid off it for 12 months, I was hitting it hard right up until the Bends got my gains and then kinda slacked off, job and all that crap!! Still managed to maintain though, maybe lost a slight bit but looking to get back into it. haven’t been on this site for years and just thought I would check any headline news and see my thread still going. I see that some guys have had success and some people are looking for the holy grail, all I can say is what I said before, be methodical, listen to your body and adapt it, I spent some time blindly following posts that gave good results and then said stop lets break this down. if your a runner you cant train all the time, your legs ache, you have injury and there are times your ready to run and times you just dont want to. well my PE was everyday and no structure. I got the structure and then thought what am i trying to do, stretch the thing in all directions and then work out when it was ready that I think is key, sometimes I would go 1 day then 3 for the density/texture/maluable feel I wanted. Bingo when the moons were aligned I got my fellah engorged and then bend looking for max expansion in the bend and pushed my hands together to emphasies it further. The guys on the thread like Deadpan have it right, play around and get to know what suits you and your there.

Mr- orange is alive

Welcome back mrorange!

Horny Bastard

mrorange, you were just mentioned yesterday in the the thread about girth theory:


Horny Bastard

Welcome back mrorange,

I used to do orange bends back in 2005 I gained 0.2 inch in girth in a couple of weeks and about 0.4 inch in length.

However I quited due to personal reasons very soon after that. I lost my 0.2 girth gains but I think about 0.2 of the length gains stayed.

In my opinion I didn’t take enough time to cement the gains.


I think I get the basics of these o-bends, but we still need a video to confirm everyone is doing them correctly.

Wow! Mr Orange I am happy for you, My motivation is that my wife would ‘out of her own’ say those words to me - I am very similar to you - been reading Th-Place for 6 months and doing PE for 4 months in secret - Although I am yet to find that special routine that works for me - I do agree with a good warm up, I get my best stretching and jelq - it really hangs thick afterwards - no real gains yet.

So does the hand that stays around the base to hold in the blood stay unmoved throughout the o-bends?
If i understand correctly:

1. Start with a grip around the penis similar to a jelq OK grip
2. Make sure erection level is around 10%-40%
3. Take your free hand and grip a few cm above the OK grip
4. Compress both grips together while still maintaining a good grip, in order to bring more flood flow to this section.
5. Bend to the left and hold for 10 seconds, then bend to the right for another 10 seconds
6. Continue up the shaft bending every few centimeters.

Yeah, here’s another great one. The other night, my wife and I were “getting to know each other again” and she stops me after the first stroke and tells me to be careful “you know you’re getting bigger now, so be careful”. Is that not f**king priceless!

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

And I thought I was wasting my time flipping through pages at 3am! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow. I can completely see it in my head. Sometimes I would do this randomly when lightly hard, and think “this makes it so wide, too bad it doesn’t work because I’m still soft”. But it does! For the guys wondering about erection percentages, I think it will work best after a good warmup and just kegels to get your dick full, not hard, but full. Ill reply tomorrow after the test run. I’m excited.

Oh. What are the lumps Mr. Orange was talking about? That sounds scary but to him it means you’re doing it right. Can someone explain that to me?

hey MrOrange!

Could you describe how you did it again? English isn’t my mothers tongue so I didn’t understand it all, and I think I made it a bit wrong.

BTW How much did you gain by doing you routine? How long time did you do it (the routine)?


Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

I did this yesterday, and think I’ve already seen a change. Well see I’m sure I’m just excited. I had one issue maybe orange or bean could help with. Getting the base to expand as much as the front half is hard. No matter how tight I grip, when I push my dick down, the blood still moves away from my hand toward the tip. Is there a way to get the same pump and fullness at the base that you can get toward the front?


Even penis pills makers do not claim such a quick gain in penis. You surely is the fastest gainer of all of us and you achieved it by only used conventional methods. Magic.


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