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My Girlfriend Noticed!


Personally, I think the best thing in a blow job is the excitement of the women, so when they do it without liking it, it sort of turns me off. When they get excited or even come after they lick and eat your sperm, it is a completely different job which literally blows my mind. A blow job should always blow your mind. If your girl is afraid her genitals could get in touch with your sperm, suggest her to swallow it in the first place. She cannot really believe one can get pregnant by eating sperm: if that were possible, the inner foundation of the christian religion would be based upon on a blow job!
About the circle device, I have a 12 oz. one, it is comfortable and I think it works on the long term. So far I am using it as an ADS but I also hang, pump, clamp, jelq, kegel and everything. I cannot say what exactly makes my dick grow. I suppose PEing works the more you apply to it and an ADS is a good tool. It is definitely possible to make an ADS similar to the circle device without spending a lot of money as you may build a pump a hanger or any other thing.


You two sound like an….interesting couple.

My wife first noticed my gains while sticking mine in her mouth. She said that it feels a lot wider.

I would not accept a BJ with a condom on. That’s something reserved for prostitutes IMO.

Inspiring story.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Be careful, Zman. Once you’re above 5.5 EG the blowjobs might become a thing of the past.

Are you sure? I thought it was above 6 in EG is when blowjobs start getting impossible.


I guess that would depend on how big her mouth was. It’s going to be different for every girl. I have a feeling that my girlfriend is going to have a seriously hard time at 5.5”, probably starting at 5.25”. Honestly I am willing to give on the BJ’s and I plan on not doing any head excersizes so that I might be able to at least get the tip in. (Not that I know that will help)

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Originally Posted by Zman2700
she is obsesive cmopulsive and has anxiety disorter, which makes her worry about everything.

((I seem to have written quite a lot here— there’s no need to respond— it’s just good to be able to get this off of my chest))

Zman2700— I met someone like that— different problems but lots of them. After the first few times we spoke she wouldn’t come near me. It was difficult— the rejection was surprisingly painful and made me feel really helpless.

She spoke to me again about four or five months after I first started approaching her and she said she’d see me again the next week but I changed my schedule and haven’t seen her since. Every time I’ve made even the most casual of arrangements to see her it’s played on her mind so much that she hasn’t even been able to look at me— she just stares at the floor looking terribly terribly distressed. The last time we spoke I explained that I didn’t want to make a fixed arrangement to meet with her because it’d caused her so much anxiety those times before. I just said “I’ll see you when I see you” and I haven’t been back.

The rejections are painful— she seems to talk to everybody else in the gym but me (all of the girls)

Even when I assured her that all I really want from her is her friendship and tried to let her know that she’s in control of the relationship she still has difficulty even talking to me. I’m not sure if it’s just me she’s afraid of or my sex/gender or if it’s the emotions that my sex/gender invoke in her that scare her (maybe all of those things). I think she might be more afraid of what she wants to do with me than she is of me.

She seems to have issues with intimacy and I wanted to tell her that I’m not going to try and have sex with her (pregnancy would be so catastrophic for this girl that even if she consented in the heat of the moment I could still be convicted for rape given that I know what I know from spending time with her), but it’s just not really appropriate for me to talk about those things with her in the context in which her and I speak.

When I first approached her it was with the intention of trying to form a close relationship, but she let me know in no uncertain terms that she absolutely wasn’t interested in an intimate relationship— she seemed really confident and together on that first day, but then she just slipped further and further away from me.

If I’d known I’d have so little time with her I’d have listened to her a lot more— we sat in a park and talked and I genuinely thought we’d be doing that two or three times a week, so I thought I’d try and make her feel less pressured by just talking all the time about stupid things so that she could get used to being around me and feel less ‘on the spot’ :rolleyes:

She went through a bad-patch recently and has just got herself back on her feet again, but a part of me feels responsible for the down-turn in her emotional state. I’m sure it was my fault and although I’d like to see her again I’m worried about where it might lead and the emotional toll it may take on me also.

I don’t want to diminish her problems, but I’m not sure that I'm emotionally strong enough to cope with such a potentially turbulent relationship.

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Mr Fantastic,

Man, I feel for you. It sounds like your friend has had it rough. Hopefully you can work it out with her. Don’t blame yourself, you can only do so much. I have learned that the hard way. I used to bash myself all of the time, I thought it was always my fault. That I was doing the wrong things and making it worse for her (not that I haven’t had my share of manly brain farts). I guess all you can do is listen to her and find out what doesn’t make her anxious (and I know that is complicated and very difficult, but it’s not impossible).

My girlfriend has not had it that bad, but it was a lot worse. It started for her about 8 years ago when a family member died she was close to and it went downhill from there. Lately she has been able to handle it pretty good, but she still looses it once in a while when her hormones are messed up. The strange rejection has been really hard on me and it has been hard on our relationship, but we are starting to get a good grip on it and in hopefully under a year I plan to propose (if I could only pay that ring off).

Oh, the other night when it sounded like I might get lucky again and after a long day of clamping (I was at about 5.4” in girth) she caught me measuring my girth. LOL. She saw me zipping my pants up with a tape measure in my hand. I just had to know what size it was before anything happened. It was pretty funny and she just laughed and smiled. She said “measuring are we?”. I thought she was going to think I was nuts, but I think she thought it was cute. Oh well. She still has not caught on yet and any gains that she has seen she believes to be natural, like a second growth spurt or something. Although she did ask me if I was taking any pills (and if I was she would highly disapprove and then start worrying that they were not safe and that I would get cancer or something), but I denied and I wasn’t lying. If she ever asks if I am doing PE then I will let her know, but for now I think it is better that she does not know.

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Really sweet man. That thing is my fantasy, I would like to experience someday.

Cogratulations for the gains, and have a good time with your lady! :)

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

The 5.4” was after a hardcore workout of mostly clamping. I forgot to mention that I was able to clamp to a hair shy of 6” late last night. I was so geeked. The firther past the norm I get, the more perminent the gains will be (at least thats the plan) I am going to continue to try for 6” or more at least once a day and I will let you know what kind of gains I get.

Start date 12-10-05 Old: NBPEL - 4.5" BPEL - 5.75" EG - 4.625" Current: NBPEL - 5" BPEL - 6.25" EG - 5.1" Goal: NBPEL - 7.5" BPEL - 8.25 EG - 6.00" - I want a big floppy donkey dick!

Originally Posted by Zman2700
But, she is obsesive cmopulsive and has anxiety disorter, which makes her worry about everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING!
… I know it doesn’t make any sense, but if you knew someone that worries about everything as she does, you might understand.

My ex has OCD, very passive and didn’t pay alot of attention to me. I have (or had(?)) Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so yes I know what its feels like to be worried. Yes it is also about alot of stupid shit, I used to dwell on how I would die, and how people would feel, or if something scary happened how I would respond while lying in bed.

Just remember its not her fault, she can’t help it. Have you tried therapy, or medication?

Good luck

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You know exactly what she is going through. Have you been succesfull at getting rid of your anxioty at all? Or did it just go away? I really think that it’s the anxioty that leads her to obsesing about things. It gives her a way to control the uncontrolable. If she makes up a thing in her mind that if she flips the lights on and off 5 times that nobody will die the next day. It’s a way to ease her mind. Yeah that sounds just like her and I know it’s not her fault. But it is tough for her an I. She makes things up just to have something to worry about. She has tried medication (mostly hormone meds), but some of them made things worse and some did nothing. All of the doctors she has seen have told her nothing and somewhat ignored her when she confessed to her mind taking control of her. This really pissed me off. They always told her that she should just not worry anymore. WELL DUH! that is not the problem. She refuses to try therapy even though I have seen people get over this with help from a profesional. The crap she comes up is amazing and even she knows and will admit that is completely stupid, but she still cannot control it.

I was also able to clamp to 6” maybe a little more last night! I love clamping.

Start date 12-10-05 Old: NBPEL - 4.5" BPEL - 5.75" EG - 4.625" Current: NBPEL - 5" BPEL - 6.25" EG - 5.1" Goal: NBPEL - 7.5" BPEL - 8.25 EG - 6.00" - I want a big floppy donkey dick!

Mr. Fantastic,

nobody can be held responsible for somebody else’s actions and problems, moreover you seem to have been more than decent with that girl. Go for your way.


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