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My full erect is 90 degrees (from the stomach)

My full erect is 90 degrees (from the stomach)

Guys I have a problem my full erect is 90 degrees (from the stomach) what can I do?

My size is 6” length

Lexa, what exactly do you mean your full erection is 90 degrees from your stomach? Do you mean straight out, parallel to the floor?

What exactly did you have in mind? What are you trying to achieve here?

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Mine is parallel to the floor when erect as well. If this is a problem, then I’ve been blissfully unaware of this since I knew I had a penis. I see no problem there. I’ll bet it’s normal.


Specs: May 13th 2003 EBPL=5.9 EG=5.0 June 13th 2003 EBPL=7.0 EG=5.0

Was it ever at a higher angle?

My dick would point at 90* erect if something was on my mind (not relaxed, or worried, etc.)

Also, if I am tired- as in 4 hours of sleep each night. That’s bad also.

Try BTB jelqing and heavy kegeling, followed by some ginseng (I prefer it added to green tea). After those tasks are completed my dick points almost vertically erect- but the most importat is having a RELAXED & positive mindframe and plenty of rest.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Since I began PE my erection angle has decreased. I’d say that with a strong erection it used to be around 10:30 and now it only gets up to about 9:00 maybe 9:30.

I think that it is because with stretching the ligs although you allow some potential inner length to be “let out” you also lose some of the support cable that keeps it elevated while hard.

On a web page for a surgical center that performed a ligament release surgery one of the side affects listed was loss of erect angle for that reason.

fnx guys! now i know that it is normal.

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