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My first mistake ?

My first mistake ?

About two mounts ago I started PE. I have been very consistant with my exercises and also very careful not to overdo it or hurt myself. However I seem to have made a mistake. From the very beginning I have always been very careful about the manual stretching exercises since they seem to be hard on the head. I felt I had to squeeze to hard for a firm grip or had the feeling that pulling the head to hard even if I had a firm grip was not really the thing to do. After having had my Power jelg about a week ago I tried it with this machine. Simply by squeezing the rollers right below the head and then pull. This turned out to be my first mistake I absolutely had no pain during the excercises I had trouble the next day and still have trouble now !

I pulled perhaps 5 times or so for about 30 sec. and not very hard. I think what I did wrong was squeeze far to hard on the rollers. Since this event I have this feeling jest below the head (on the bottom and top not on the sides): the feeling is difficult to describe it is not really a pain but more of a continuous stitching, itching feeling.

If I look at my penis there is nothing wrong by the looks of it. It ain’t red or thick it still functions like it should. I have PE only once since then perhaps five minutes but the feeling definitely got worse after that and also gets worse after having sex.

Now it is quit officious that I should rest until the feeling is gone. However I wanted to ask whether any body has any Idee what might have happened, have any of the same experiences or any other good advise,

Thanks in advance from Holland

Hey JJJ,
Definitely take time off until this thing heals. Were you using the PJ in the horizontal position (top of shaft and bottom of shaft) or the vertical position (rollers on the side of the shaft)?
Don’t use the rollers anywhere near where the top of the shaft meets the head (corona) for ANY exercise. If you are stretching with the PJ, grip your cock on the sides of the shaft. If you are jelqing with the PJ and can not get it to work correctly in the vertical position, stop your stroke well short of that area. There is a large nerve bundle there and it is easily damaged. This is my opinion on manual as well as PJ exercises.

Also, if/when you start to use the PJ again, I read a good post on the PJ Forum about using rubber bands to add some control to the device and keep it correctly positioned. I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like it may work well for the vertical position stuff.

Keep us posted and take the time off, don’t try to sneek in an exercise or two. :D

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Thanks for your swift reply Thunder. Unfortunately I used the PJ in a horizontal mode. All I can say on the positive side is that I wasn’t pulling very hard. The damage therefor must have come from the pressure of the squeeze. I know there is a bundle of nerves jest down the head but since during the exercise it didn’t do any pain at all I that I was doing ago. I have almost red all of the messages on your board but I never saw anything about somebody ever really hurting a nerve or what the symptoms would be like if any one has any idees I am all ears.



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