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My First Lig Pop!!!

My First Lig Pop!!!

Hey all! I just got what I think was my first lig pop today while PE’ing…I was watching TV and doing a downward A.I. Stretch when I heard a “pop” down there. It wasn’t painful at all, but mister ed felt more flexible kinda… Today was my first day doing A.I. stretches and all I can say is wow. I can feel it alot more through the ligs while Im doing it…Hopefully this will break my everlasting plateau.

What’s an A.I. stretch?

Go to this thread to learn more about AI stretching: Johan is a believer now! JAI

To anyone who has had lig pops…do they indicate new growth (lengthwise), or is it just someting that happens??? Help me here people…

Wow! I think I just found my new stretching method:D I just tried this. I did about 15 AI stretch’s, up, str8 out, left, right, and then down…on about my 7th stretch down I felt and heard a pop:eek: Scared the crap out of me, but I’ll say these stretch’s feel much better than the old pull for 30 stretch’s. My ligs are very tight all over, and I’d imagine this one is no different. I think I’m going to try these AI stretch’s on my legs, maybe they’ll bring back my hops and I’ll be able to dunk again;)

i have a question

It says to flex the opposite muscle when you AI stretch, what’s the opposite muscle to flex

Weird, I was just doing the AI stretch for the first time and on about the 14th pull I didn’t hear a pop put it felt like something sort of gave way in there. No pain but just a weird sensation. Also do you hold for 1 1/2 - 2 seconds and do a kegel. I’m not getting the flexing the muscle thing.


Guys.. Don’t kegel when you’ve released your stretch (only when stretched if you want to - no need to though). I haven’t really figured out what is the opposite muscle, but I suspect that it’s some lower abs. It works even if you don’t do anything during release period, just try to be very relaxed down there for 2 seconds at least.

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a few more questions

Where do u grab for the stretch and also are you erect or flaccid when you stretch?

I still have a couple Q's

Are you erect, flaccid or partially erect when you do this stretch? Also, Where do you grab your member when your tugging?

Re: I still have a couple Q's

Originally posted by theman
Are you erect, flaccid or partially erect when you do this stretch? Also, Where do you grab your member when your tugging?

Hey theman, here it goes:

When your penis is in flaccid state stretches are best to do (PC’s are relaxed and soft), and that’s what I’m also trying to be, altho he does sometimes want to say hi. I do grap just behind the head, and sometimes wear some gloves to get a maximum tension and hold.

See also this post, if there’s something:
Johan - Johan’s Official Progress Report

A Man behind his mask.

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