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My Elist Implant Experience

Oh I have; indeed I have.By the way have you ever had surgery? I mean did you just call up some doc and discuss it over the phone and then go get cut? No medical history, no exam, no surgical clearance from your primary doctor; no written instructions regarding pre and post surgical issues. Is that how it’s done? Kind of like a store; just pick a surgery and go get it done no questions asked. Is that how medicine works?

If you are told not to get your dick wet and to only use neosporin between unwrapping and rewrapping, what do you think your skin would look like?
I followed my directions to a T and kept Elist informed on a daily basis. He assured me that there was never any issue and everything looked perfect.
He said that the clear geometric pattern I could see protruding through my skin was nothing more than fat and collagen.
Sure, blame me, though. If you feel so confident in this, go ahead and lay your dick on the line.
Regarding travel, they asked my travel arrangements upon booking the appointment with Elist. So if there was any concern, there was clear opportunity to inform me.

By the way, you really should brush up on your reading comprehension. My karma is A-OK.

You clearly have an agenda to prop up Elist and I am sick that you are using my experience to do so. Speaking of karma…

Unless you come back with first hand experience from the implant, I am done with you.
If do go through with the implant, rest assured that I will be here to help you out when things go horribly wrong.
Until then, have a good life.

This was a harrowing read, thank you so much for sharing the experience so openly to inform others!

Started under 6", now I'm over 7" and going for 8"

Patiently waiting...

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