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My dilemma on which to focus on!

My dilemma on which to focus on!

After having a discussion with my girl last night, I realized I might need to re-think my goals. She shared that sometimes she is apprehensive to try positions other than missionary because I can go too deep and it hurts her. This is something I already knew that I did occasionally, but finally its kind of hit me that any more length isnt really usable in my situation. Even when she is FULLY aroused and the vagina is tented fully I can hit bottom. I’m not claiming the longest length ever. On the contrary, my measurements are 7.0 BPEL and 4.8 EG. I’ve been hanging and jelqing for a little while now with minimal gains if any. I truly believe I could gain length with a hanging/ADS routine but what for? My ego? The POSSIBILITY of one day finding the CDS? My girl LOVES when I go hard/deep and fast (as long as its not TOO deep of course) and I admit its quite satisfying to really give her a good pounding. So what do I do from here….keep attacking length in the hopes that it will eventually lead to CDS orgasms if I were to reach..say 8 BPEL? What if it doesnt and I have to always be cautious and not able to really pound her like I want too? I’m actually a believer that girth is where its at, but then there is the theory of working length before girth. As of now im leaning towards working on conditioning my unit for clamping via jelqing and some manual squeezes. In my mind 7in BPEL is sufficient and anything more would just be for my ego. What opinions and advice to you all have for me? Work the length first in hopes of one day getting the CDS? Or focus on girth which IMO is most important to most girls?

Personally I think it’s almost all about girth (assuming your technique is good!) - however, the corollary is that length has to be ‘adequate’, and that’s the whole point. From the sound of it your erect length is indeed adequate for your partner. I know from experience that my personal erect length is less than adequate, which is why I’m here. Personally I love to really pound into a girl at the appropriate point in the liaison, and most women in my experience love this too. I wouldn’t want to risk hurting them by simply being too long (I wish! Long way away for me)

Only you can decide whether your ego will be more plumped by satisfying her totally as opposed to simply having a scarily large trouser snake!

Life is not a rehearsal... we only get one go at it so make sure it's worthwhile!

Started 12 Sep 2005 BPEL=5.75" EG=4.7" Current 19 Apr 2006 (7 months) BPEL=+0.8" EG=+0.4" :up:

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Gentlemen,I don’t know if this has been brought to light before so here it is.You don’t have to put it all in.By simply pulling your legs together a little,you can shallow your depth some,and thus alleviate discomfort for your partner.So in answer to your question AceDuece,if you would be happy with a little more length,I say go for it.

You forget chainz this is a completely different feeling. The feeling of thrusting your full length is a very unique one and cannot be replaced. At the moment I know I’m risking losing the ability to do that but once I go to far I’ll just stop and let my gains go back a little bit and then just do maintenance/girth work. Personally Ace I would take it easy on length because it really isn’t worth it in my eyes. If you think that the girl your with you’ll be with for a long time put your length on hold and work girth for sure. Just because you have more girth doesn’t mean you can’t worth length its just theoretically harder. Theory usually doesn’t apply to reality.

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