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My Cable Clamp Test

My Cable Clamp Test

Ok, after a couple of months doing PE I have decided to do a little girth test.

Starting yesterday 07/19/04.

My routine is simple:

5 mins warm wrap.

10 mins cable clamped.

5 mins rest.

10 mins cable clamped.

Morning and evening for a total of 40 mins a day.

I will do this for one month and then measure. If there is any gain at all in girth I will keep it going. I will post the results here on 07/19/04. I’m not doing any other sort of PE. So this will be a pure test.


Good luck on your pure test. I’ve also started my own experimentation with erect clamping, but I also use other PE techniques. So far, I like the results from this passive PE activity.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

my first significant gains since starting...

I’d been hanging and thought there was a bit of (length) progress thru June, but a change of living situation put that on hold. With a 2 week business trip at the beginning of July I decided to bring a clamp and a Uli thing. The Uli was more time consuming to apply. But once I learned the proper amount of wrap for the cable clamp, I was able to “capture” morning wood and in general, have more, productive sessions in less time. In the past 10 days or so, I’ve been using the clamp as Uli thing, but also wearing it 5-6 hours a day (w/breaks) maintaining various girths and lengths way beyond my normal flaccid. Last night I had a decent hard-on and decided to measure, it was 4.75” (I’ve been 4.5” since starting PE 2 years ago). Although my dick has never maintained a pump from any form of PE’ing longer than a few minutes, I thought that might be the case, so I measured again this morning and it was still 4.75”.

Anyway I’m thrilled. Although I’d like to go from about 6.5 ELBP to 6.5 NBP I realize 1/4” of girth adds more volume vs a 1/4” of length.

So just my 2 cents, I’d love to hear from anyone else who has had similar experiences and achieved significant girth gains.

Thanks all,


Clamping has been the one constant in my girth gains.

I do other girth work, but I always find time to clamp a few times a week.

I have also started to experiment with long clamping during the day with a 50% erection.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Clamping is cementing my length gains as well as improving my girth. My flaccid has improved as well. It’s a great addition to PE.


Sorry the original message should have read, will post results on 8/19/04. Must have been tired when I posted hehe.

Hey Hugh what do you do besides clamping? I have beem stretching and then clamping every other day. I am not sure if I will overtrain or not by adding other exercises. What do you think?

I posted my routine on here somewhere. If I can find it, I’ll repost it for you. Mine is fairly simple. I am in maintenance mode for the most part. I reached my 8+ x 6+ goal and all gains now are just gravy. Mostly manual stretching, jelqing and clamping, with an occasional BZ wear at night. Every other day should be just fine. I like to mix up my routine as to shock my body to grow. It never knows what’s coming.

Plus I enjoy it! It’s like masturbating with a purpose!


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