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My All-Day Soft Hanger

My All-Day Soft Hanger

I would have posted this in the hanger forum, but I think it might have some value to those jelquers who have a fear of traditional hanging, and would like to try something a little softer…


Equipment needed:

1) Wrist weight
2) Elastics (I use hairbands)


Place Mr (but slightly undersized) Happy in through the wrist weight. If you are built like a horse it will be a snug fit, and you are done.


Clamp the elastics on either side of your dick, around the wrist weight.

You are now done.


You will find this to be an exceptionally comfortable hanger, I believe with a little experimentation, one could even use it as a base to hang heavier weights.

The wrist weight I use is a non-adjustable Weider Softskin Wrist Weight, 1 1/2 lbs. I couldn’t find it on the web, but these look pretty similiar:…s_1_Lb_Pair_56_

My only regret so far, is that after about an hour of hanging, your head becomes a little cool. I’ve tried to clamp with a little less pressure, but then the weight pulls on the skin and eventually slides off.

If anyone has any solutions to this cool head thing, I’d sure like to know. My intention was to create an all day hanger that one could clamp on and forget about. The comfort is there, but the circulation, after an hour, is not.

Nonetheless, it is the most comfortable hanger (you feel nothing but a gentle pull) I’ve come across. And as you walk around you, you feel a light “pulsing” from the momentum created.


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Well, for whatever reason, the link does not work.

Ah well, if you type in “softone” on the linked page, you’ll see the sort of wrist weight I’m talking about.


Cold head...

I don’t hang…but I do know one thing: cold head = bad.

Interesting. How much of a stretch are you getting though with only 1.5 lbs?

Regarding 1 lb...

Actually, there is some evidence that all day stretches with low tension result in some gains, in flacid, at least, if not also erect.

I recall a few posts regarding the “Biker’s Hang”, where one simply locks on a big old lock for the whole day.

(Hmm…wonder what ever happened with that…)

And, of course, there is always the “circle device”, if you have deep pockets. (Some outrageously expensive metal ring that wieghs about 1lb that clamps near your head.)

I like the idea of an all-day weight, and while 1 1/2 lbs might seem like a light load…It is!

But over the course of 12 hours, your cock will certainly be hanging longer.

I’m a little leary of hanging high weights for short sets, as appears to be the norm. Something about gritting my teeth for 15 minute sets, while hanging 20+ pounds, seems…not right.

(With all due respect to Bib, a legend without compare.)

I’d rather hang, all day, with 1 lb, then 2lbs, then 3 lbs…etc…

But unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible. Any hanger will cut down/off the circulation to the head, given enough time. I’m not sure how this is unavoidable, because a hanger must apply pressure to hold, and that will restrict bloodflow.

Too bad.


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