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My A.D.S. Keeps Slipping.


Originally Posted by danb1875
The J&J hurt free wrap is starting to keep the noose strap in place. It’s not slipping anymore. Now the problem is after keeping it on for 15-20 mins, the top part of my penis gets really cold and starts to change to colors. It seems that the strap is on too tight, and cutting off the blood flow. If I loosen it anymore it will start slipping again. Maybe I just need a little more practice. Did you have problems with this also Bighit?

Mgus, That suckxtender looks like a good option if I can’t get this to work. Hopefully, it won’t have to come down to that. I’m not very good at building things. :P

That is an inherent problem with these types of things. You can’t expect blood flow to be the same with it in place. The main thing here is to monitor sensation in the glands as a measure of oxygen saturation. If you start to go numb, it’s not the end of the world, just remove the device and massage your member to restore blood flow, then replace it …

… don’t give up easily - I guarantee you that you will find a way to use an ADS if you keep your mind on it a don’t give up … it may well be very much worth your time. If you are discouraged my a bit of trouble at the beginning, I’m inclined to say that you are not necessarily the type to use an ADS to get good gains - because you have to have some SERIOUS discipline to use these things successfully.


I wouldn’t describe the feeling as “numb” All the normal sensations are still there. It’s just that it gets really cold afterwards, and starts to turn a dark red/purplish color. This is normal? The effect on the tip of my penis almost is like if you were clamping it, and I’m worried it might cause damage. I’m hoping over time my penis will get used to it and stop turning so cold/purple feeling. Others have reported wearing it over 2 hours time before taking it off, and putting it back on again. Guess I just need more practice with it. Has anyone else have the same problems?

Dan, it took me a while getting used to the PM and couldn’t wear it for 15 or 20 minutes but it grew on me. As far as the coldness it seems to change one day I might get colder then the other. It really depends. But I never let my penis turn purple although a little change in colour is always there.

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So, does it come with the silicone tube or with the “comfort strap” that is wider and have those ears on to help you take it off?

If it comes with the regular silicone tube you need to wash your penis, your hands and the silicone tube. Put some baby powder on the silicone tube and some on the edge of your glans where the tube will be fastened. Make sure you do not touch your face while you fiddle with all of this since the slippage is caused by your body oils.

Every time you are going to take it off or put it on you have to wash your hands. This coupled with you putting some baby powder on the silicone tube and your penis head will stop the slippage. Give your penis a rest every hour with this device.

If it comes with the wider strap you must use a wrap. I remember someone recommended using something called; “what-a-grip”, that one use on a tennis/squash/badminton-racket to get a better grip. I recently purchased 3 small rolls of this to improve my grip on my squash racket and it occurred to me that this would be excellent wrapping material for hangers (that use bib-style-hangers) and people that are still buying Jes-type-extenders. Check it out.

When you get sick of all the hassle, either make your self a vacuum ads or buy a commercial one.

danb, I went through the exact same thing. The cold purple head is normal. I have come to expect it.
I take mine off every hour or two and get some fresh blood in. Also, when you wrap, try to get as much blood in your glans as possible.
Use the wrap as a clamp to keep it in. It helps the slippage problem.

Here are some threads with some helpful suggestions.

Penismaster - stop strap slippage
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Don’t give up! You’ll find a way to make it work.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

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I’m also uncut and I’ve had a lot of problems with slipping in the beginning. Now I can wear the Penimaster up to 2 hours before taking a break. This is what I do:

1) Wash the penis
2) Pull the foreskin back and wrap behind the glans with a very soft piece of cloth
3) Attach the Holding Belt to the Support Base. This should feel comfortable and allow strecthing without slipping.
4) Fasten a releaseable cable tie around the Holding Belt and the Support Base, but not too tightly. The purpose of this is just to prevent the Holding Belt from slipping from the Support Base. You don’t want to add more pressure to your penis or possibly break the Support Base.
5) Attach the extension rods to the Support Base. I use a Penimaster and the releasable cable tie fits well between the extension rods and the Support Base.

Note! Make sure the cable tie you use is releasable/reusable. :)

(Support Base and Holding Belt are illustrated here:…structions.html )

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