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Mushroom Head


Originally Posted by mook
I am determined to try to get a “mushroom large head” on my cock. I wrapped a thick (3/8”) rubber band tightly right under the head of my cock. If I wear this around each day for about 5-6 hours, will this achieve what I want in time?


Or, any suggestions other than this?

I have heard that you can remove a bulls balls that way. Be careful, you may not have a head to mushroom.

Yeah when you trap blood for over 20 minutes, lets just say your penis will start to die.

Originally Posted by motivated
No, as the head of your dick will fall off before it ever gets to that size.

Yes, read and implement the newbie routine, and then come back and do a search on the topic of head gains. I know of an exercise that holds out a lot of promise for increasing the size of the glans, but it is definitely not for beginners. You’ve only posted 10 times, so I’m assuming that you are relatively new to this.

Would that be the ULI?

Rubber bands? That’s going a bit far.

19th Feb 2012

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I also like a nice thick head, but I agree with everyone else definitely have to be careful.

There are vacum cylinders that are specifically designed to expand the head of the penis .

As to their effectiveness , I cannot speak directly , as I have never used them , and am happy with the size of my own penis ” head ” or glans .

Some wrap their shaft when pumping with a standard vacum cylinder , and leave the glans un-wrapped .

Kaplan offers a penis head cylinder for about fifty bucks .

Only use a rubber band with jelq. Maybe work, maybe a good idea!

I modify a bit of my 5 secs jelq:

Kegel, form “O” at the base, slowly milk forward and press tighter as the ring get closer to the glans, pressure should be at maximum just inch before glans, hold for 2-3 secs just right behind the glans.

When I do this, my head is so full, huge and very shiny, I believe it will helps expand the head size.


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